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Join us to hear about our latest innovations that will help you go anywhere and get anything.

Go anywhere

Uber Travel

Ready for your next getaway? With the summer travel season around the corner, we’ve designed Uber Travel to give you a seamless and stress-free experience. With just a few taps, you can see all flights and hotels in the Uber app, reserve rides for all legs of your trip—and you’ll get 10% Uber Cash back for each ride that you reserve when you use Uber Travel.

Uber Charter

The ultimate way to book a party bus, passenger van, and more for a large group, Uber Charter makes planning group gatherings easier than ever.

Vouchers for Events

Whether you’re hosting a wedding or a dinner party, Vouchers for Events lets you cover your guests’ transportation and lets them book rides on their own schedule.

Go electric

Uber Comfort Electric

Our newest product that will help pave the (green) road, Uber Comfort Electric is as simple as: tap a button, get a ride in a premium electric vehicle (EV).

EV Hub and Charging Map

Drivers are leading the way toward a greener future, and Uber is committed to supporting them. That’s why we’re launching our in-app EV Hub, a one-stop shop for drivers to learn more about all things EV.

Plus, our new in-app Charging Map will show drivers where the nearest chargers are located, their charging speeds, and navigation to get there.

Get anything

Voice Ordering

A new way to order Uber Eats, Voice Ordering will help you get what you need even if your phone isn’t in reach. By integrating Google’s voice assistant technology into the Uber Eats platform, you can get your favorite meal, bottle of wine, and other necessities all without lifting a finger.

Uber Eats at Stadiums

The only way to grab a bite at the game and make sure you don’t miss the action, Uber Eats at Stadiums lets you order in the app and skip the line when your food is ready.

Autonomous Delivery

We’re introducing 2 Autonomous Delivery programs in Santa Monica and West Hollywood, California, with the help of Serve Robotics’ sidewalk robots and Motional’s autonomous vehicles.

Start saving with Uber One

Our membership program, Uber One, brings together the best of the platform and helps members save across Uber rides and Uber Eats. In the US we’re launching new perks for members, and we’re expanding Uber One across the globe to Mexico, Germany, and the UK, with more to come.

Now’s the time. Go get it. Download Uber
 and Uber Eats.