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Offer your riders their best experience yet

Reach more customers, enhance efficiency, and create cost-saving initiatives. Our solutions put you in the driver’s seat.

“This pilot takes a major step toward providing the kind of flexibility, responsiveness, and on-demand customer service that has been the focus of our reforms, and that our paratransit riders deserve.”

Stephanie Pollack, Former Secretary & CEO, Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Our custom partnerships offer stackable solutions that flex to fit your needs

TNC for transit

Incorporate Uber’s proven network of drivers and vehicles to supplement your existing fleet and fixed-service routes, improve wait times, and add flexible options for your riders.

Microtransit SaaS

Tap Uber’s on-demand and dynamic routing technology to power your agency’s current vehicles and drivers with greater efficiency. Plus, have your agency displayed as a booking option in the Uber app.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Show up where everyone spends their time: on their phones. Get access to technology that easily allows users to journey plan and purchase transit tickets through the Uber platform.

Community programs powered by Uber

  • First mile/last mile

    Make taking public transit convenient for everyone. From the first mile to the last, let people book low-cost, same-day rides that help them get to their nearest fixed stop.

  • Paratransit

    Empower customers with disabilities, seniors, and other paratransit riders with on-demand options. Our paratransit technology helps you stay flexible to demand while helping control paratransit operational costs.

  • Late-night and safe rides

    When your services stop, our technology can step in. We work with you to supplement after-hours rides by connecting your riders with vehicle options that keep costs down and your community safe.

  • Rescue rides

    Keep your city moving no matter the demand. We can help supplement your fleet during peak hours, after hours, during planned and unexpected outages, and more.

  • Bus route optimization

    We’ll work with you to reconfigure or completely reimagine your most inefficient fixed bus routes by replacing them entirely or during certain times of the day.

  • Social impact programs

    Launch specially designed programs to improve access for people living in food deserts, needing rides to and from vaccination sites or addiction recovery centers, and more.

  • Commuter connections

    Make it easy for employees to get to and from work. Create a program that connects people into employment centers or offers curb-to-curb support for businesses.


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