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Why Uber for Business could be the next step in your sales career

August 5, 2022 / Global

Bryan Watts’ sales journey has been characterized by diversity. He started his career in business development at a boutique consultancy, moved into tech to join Microsoft’s services Sales team, and then into an Account Executive role selling SaaS at another big firm. When an opportunity at Uber for Business came on his radar, he knew this was the step in his career he had been looking for.  

Bryan took a leap and became Canada’s first Uber for Business hire as an Enterprise Account Executive. He helped build the region’s foundation and grow the team, eventually moving up to lead the Canadian organization as Senior Country Manager. Here he shares why Uber for Business still excites him five years in and what sales professionals stand to gain by joining the team.

What drew you to Uber for Business?

“I felt ready and excited to challenge myself and help build something. I remember talking to our General Manager (GM) of US and Canada who mentioned that this was a startup within Uber. We could grow the team and customer base and expand the footprint to turn it into a global business. 

I was also a power user of Uber myself, and knew how much value it could bring to the B2B market in Canada. I knew that if things went well, I’d also have the opportunity to step into more senior roles. I saw that as great professional growth.”

What is most exciting to you about your role?

“The most exciting part to me is it’s a true GM role with responsibility and ownership over the success of Uber for Business in Canada. This ranges from ensuring our sales teams are successful to helping launch new products in-market and ensuring we’re investing in the right go-to-market strategy. There have been a lot of cross-functional projects I never thought I’d get the chance to work on. I’ve also had the opportunity to expand our team exponentially in Canada. It’s the momentum and energy of our Sales team that drives me. Every day is different. I love the team and how innovative Uber is as a company.”

What keeps you at Uber for Business now?

“The people are absolutely part of what I love about my day-to-day. Our team is filled with A-players who bring out the best in everyone. Our seamless product suite and total addressable market are also unlike any other sales organization I’ve seen before. Uber for Business has the potential to partner with every company within any industry.”

As you expand your team, what do you look for in new people?

“Collaboration and teamwork. We win as a team and we share best practices. We celebrate each other’s successes and that’s a big part of the culture I’m trying to build here. Being able to adapt is also an important part of our DNA, as is having a sense of ownership. If you’re putting in the work identifying and driving the right opportunities, you’re going to be very successful.” 

Why should people work on an Uber for Business sales team?

“You’ll be challenged in ways you’ve never been challenged before. You see people really thrive here, and there are a ton of growth opportunities. Working at an organization with such amazing talent forces you to level up in every way possible, which I love. Uber for Business is the spot to become the best version of yourself.”

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