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What Moves Us—connecting drivers and riders responsibly

November 28, 2018 / US

Connecting people, places, and opportunities in real time has real-world consequences. And that’s a big responsibility.

Our goal for ridesharing is to create a marketplace of drivers and riders where everyone can thrive. So we want to be upfront and share What Moves Us how our technology works, the principles that guide this technology, and how we connect riders and drivers.

The goals of our platform are to:

  1. Minimize ETAs—to lower your pickup and wait times
  2. Offer affordable trips—so riders continue to request them
  3. Provide dependable earnings opportunities—for you and all drivers on the network

Below are the 5 principles that guide our decisions as we strive to manage the marketplace of riders and drivers responsibly and, more importantly, what those principles mean to you.

Expanding access: Dependable earnings at the push of a button. By operating an open marketplace, Uber will fight to enable drivers everywhere to earn when, where, and how they want.
Delivering reliability: Why aren’t you always matched with the closest rider? Because we minimize the collective wait time of the network—yours and the time of other drivers close by. This way, our network is more reliable and you can have confidence in accepting every trip request.
Providing choice: Why might you make more money during rush hour downtown than midday in a suburb? Because when and where you drive may affect your earnings potential. We know the right choice is one that fits into your schedule and meets your goals, so we equip you with the best information to help you succeed.
Aligning needs: How can a rider get all the way across town for less than $5, and how does that affect you as a driver? Our pricing is flexible, which means the service fee can vary from trip to trip. That flexibility enables us to give riders a low, upfront price, while also ensuring that you will always earn money for your actual time and effort on the road.
Being upfront: Clarity enables smarter decisions to meet your needs. We will be upfront with you about how our pricing and matching of drivers with riders may affect your earnings.

We invite you to learn more by visiting, where you can take a closer look at our marketplace, the principles that guide them, and how your time on the road is valued.