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Learnings in Web Development: Design Patterns, Elm, and Progressive Enhancement

June 7, 2019 / Global

At Uber, web development is integral to several of our core services, including both our internal apps and our public-facing products. With hundreds of web-based applications leveraged across our tech stack, keeping up with web development trends and best practices is a high priority for our engineers.

Uber’s Destination:Web meetup series, ongoing since 2017, invites experts to discuss and demonstrate the latest techniques and technologies for building responsive, functional web applications. From web design to JavaScript to Node.js, Destination:Web features topics to keep every web engineer current.

This selection of videos from our Destination:Web meetups offers a look at the learnings from the series:

The Design Pattern That Shall Not Be Named

Kris Kowal, of Uber’s Core Infrastructure team, describes a mysterious and heretofore undocumented design pattern which lets callbacks return things, and also lets functions that accept callbacks return things. Kris offers examples of this mysterious design pattern and insightful comments all while wearing a magical hat.

Friendly, Typed, and Functional: A Brief Introduction to Elm

Brian Ford, of Uber’s Visual Insights team, delivers a primer on Elm, a relatively new language for creating browser-based graphical user interfaces. Comparing and contrasting Elm to JavaScript, Brian’s easy to follow introduction gives viewers a strong base for learning a new language.

Progressive Enhancement: Not Just For Websites

Ryan Tsao, of Uber’s Web Platform team, looks at how Progressive Enhancement, a web design concept, can be used in modern build tooling for web development. Ryan gives use cases for such tools as Flow, Jest, and Universal Package for JavaScript.

If you want to learn the latest generation of web building tools and techniques, attend one of our Destination:Web meetups.

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