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UberRUSH + Darkstore

November 17, 2016 / Global

This is a guest post by Lee Hnetinka, CEO of Darkstore.

Today, I’m excited to announce an API integration between UberRUSH and Darkstore that will unlock a compelling delivery experience for e-commerce brands. Before today, e-commerce brand merchants were not able to offer on-demand delivery to customers, mainly because they didn’t possess brick-and-mortar stores. UberRUSH and Darkstore change this. Through our service, Darkstore enables e-commerce brands to store their physical inventory in local fulfillment centers and offers on-demand delivery to customers powered by UberRUSH. Darkstores with on-demand delivery capability are currently available in New York City and San Francisco.

Darkstores are local fulfillment centers within cities.

Darkstore enables e-commerce brands to store inventory in local fulfillment centers (“dark stores”) and offers on-demand delivery to customers, powered by UberRUSH. Currently, we operate dark stores in New York City and San Francisco that support on-demand delivery.

Getting started with Darkstore and UberRUSH

Here’s how Darkstore works:

  1. Retailers or brand merchants with physical inventory must first request access to send their inventory to one of our dark stores.
  2. Once the inventory is received, the brand merchant connects to the UberRUSH API through Darkstore to automatically fulfill its customers’ orders.
  3. Once the UberRUSH API integration is activated, the brand merchant offers an amazing purchasing experience to end customers in that city with on-demand delivery.
  4. All future customer orders are fulfilled by Darkstore within minutes and delivered via UberRUSH within the hour.

Luma Wi-Fi is the first Darkstore + UberRUSH customer

Luma’s fast and reliable home Wi-Fi system

Luma has designed a sleek device that delivers fast and reliable Wi-Fi in every corner of your home. Today, they are announcing Luma Now, allowing customers in San Francisco to order with on-demand delivery at no extra cost.

“This is an exciting time for Luma. Integrating with the UberRUSH API for Luma Now in San Francisco helps us provide immediate gratification through an instant delivery experience. We’re focused on bringing modern Wi-Fi to homes as quickly and as easily as possible.”
—Luma CEO & Co-Founder, Dr. Paul Judge

Darkstore, in combination with UberRUSH, enables e-commerce retailers and brands to offer fast delivery at an accessible price point, leading to increased customer satisfaction. For more information on Darkstore, please check out our website at and contact us to offer your customers on-demand delivery just in time for the holiday season.

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