When your co-rider becomes your karaoke partner

August 30, 2016 / US

One minute you’re getting a ride, the next you’re singing karaoke with people you just met. When you request uberPOOL, you never know who you’ll meet, or where the connections will take you. This month’s featured #POOLStories, as told by riders, go from emotional to musical, with job leads and long-lost friends found along the way. What will be your story?

“On the day that Prince died, I was in an uberPOOL with my driver and 2 other riders. Turns out we all loved Prince, and we just started crying together while listening to Purple Rain. I got to my destination and they all got out to hug me goodbye since it had been such an experience. – Jazmin, New York City

“When I requested an uberPOOL to go home from the office, my co-passenger ended up being my old school teacher. We hadn’t seen each other in 11 years. We had a lovely time chatting in the car.” – Abhik, Kolkata

I was matched with a friend from childhood that I hadn’t seen in about a decade. I had to check out her Facebook profile on my phone before I was certain the rider was who I thought she was. I had no idea she had moved to San Francisco.  – Danielle, San Francisco

“I invited my fellow uberPOOL rider who was from Washington DC to come to karaoke with me and my roommates. He stayed with us until 5am and slayed at karaoke!!!” – Ace, Toronto

“I rode home with a college intern who, coincidentally, was from my hometown and went to the same elementary school as me. When I told her I was a criminal defense attorney, she asked for my business card. She emailed me that day. A week later she came to my office, got a tour, met everyone here, and got some (hopefully helpful) career advice.” – Rebecca, Washington, DC

“I’m a singer and am building a band. I met someone that is an awesome guitar player and plan on jamming with them soon!” – Bethel, LA

“I’m looking for a new employee for my company, and over heard my other passenger complaining about her job. I asked her what type of work she did, she told me, and it was what I am looking for. I have her scheduled for an interview this week.” – William, Philadelphia
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