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Uber + Zoom: great employee experiences, good for business too

November 7, 2018 / Global

How Zoom moves its rapidly growing employee base around the globe with Uber for Business.

For Zoom—a video communications platform with clients around the globe—delivering seamless experiences goes beyond the software it builds and extends to how employees travel for work, too. Zoom was founded in San Jose in 2011 and today has teams in nine countries around the world and over 1,000 employees.

Zoom’s software helps connect people virtually with ease. But when it came to getting its quickly growing employee base from point A to point B with similar ease, the company turned to Uber for Business.

Saving time and headaches

Expensing ground transport at Zoom used to be a messy experience for all involved. “It was a painful process for employees to keep track of everything,” says Sunil Madan, head of business operations. “For the finance team, it was really hard to collect everything and make sure that everything was being accounted for.”

Now, with Uber for Business in place and all employees having access to the Zoom profile in the Uber app, they can charge their rides directly to Zoom and have all relevant documentation sent directly to finance.

“With Uber for Business, all the reporting is available in the portal itself, where we can extract all the information that we need for accounting purposes,” says Sunil. “It literally takes 5 minutes to get it done versus what used to be all day for finance.”

And when Zoom rolled out Uber for Business to its employees, the response was overwhelmingly positive. The deployment process was smooth and intuitive for employees, and adoption was swift: they just tapped a link and could immediately switch to their Zoom profile when they needed to request a ride.

“The employees at Zoom have found that it’s extremely easy to use,” says Jocelyn Horsager, event marketing manager. “You whip out your phone and go anywhere you need to go.”

Flexibility for the future

For a rapidly growing company like Zoom, Uber for Business has been able to scale with them. The dashboard makes it easy for admins to add new employees as part of their onboarding process, remove departing employees, and use groups to better manage how different employees and teams are able to use Uber for work travel.

For Jocelyn, her events team, and everyone else at Zoom across the globe, this means they can get where they need to go without hassle. “Zoom is global, Uber for Business is global,” she says. “As we scale to a larger amount of employees, we can trust that Uber for Business can handle that.”

Find out more about how your business can streamline employee travel with Uber, or create an Uber for Business account.