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Announcing Uber Engineering’s Open Source Site

August 25, 2015 / Global

At Uber, we engineer scalable systems at an aggressive pace. To do so, the software we develop and use must be simple to understand, production-hardened, and easily accessible. That’s why we support open source software. We make use of the best the community has to offer, and contribute our best work back to the community.

Matt Ranney, Aiden Scandella, myself, and the rest of Uber’s Open Source Team are excited to announce Uber’s Open Source Site, a page highlighting some of the best software available on our public GitHub page. We are starting off with two recent projects Uber Engineering has worked on in the first half of 2015, Ringpop and TChannel.

Ringpop is a library that brings cooperation and coordination to distributed applications. We use Ringpop at Uber to build scalable and fault tolerant systems for real-time dispatching by leveraging its sharding capabilities.

TChannel is a high-performance network framing protocol used for inter-service communication and general RPC supporting out-of-order responses, message fragmentation and streaming.

We have more exciting projects in the works. And they’ll be highlighted here, first. We hope that Uber’s open source software sparks adoption, discussion, contributions and ultimately, an even richer open source community.