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Uber + LaneOne: creating a unique event experience

December 11, 2019 / US

How the digital ticketing platform is using the Uber Vouchers API to improve the concert experience.

LaneOne is a digital ticketing platform that works with artists, music promoters, and venues to offer exclusive access to premium concert tickets. Since its debut in 2018, LaneOne has partnered with more than 90 arenas and stadiums across North America, Europe, and Australia, including the Forum, Madison Square Garden, and Wembley Stadium.

LaneOne doesn’t just offer seats in the most coveted spots in the house. The platform’s suite of benefits also includes preferred venue entrances, access to private lounges with special food and drink menus, and personal ambassadors available to answer questions through in-app chat.

Another component of the LaneOne experience is transportation. When LaneOne wanted a flexible ride option to integrate with its mobile app, the team turned to Uber for help.

Upgrading experiences

Attending an event is an experience that begins as soon as you leave home for the night. LaneOne is committed to giving customers a fantastic evening, not just a fantastic show, and that includes transportation.

“Our customers love the convenience and flexibility of being able to order an Uber trip from within the LaneOne app,” says Eric Johnson, CEO of LaneOne. “When they are out for a big night to see one of their favorite bands, the familiar reliability of Uber puts them at ease.”

Using the new Uber Vouchers API, LaneOne integrated Uber trip credits and set destinations in its app, where customers can choose between a credit for parking at the concert or an Uber trip. When customers choose Uber, LaneOne automatically applies a unique $50 voucher code to their Uber account through the Uber Vouchers API. The API integration also lets LaneOne set the destination address to the private venue entrance and a time frame for when customers can use the voucher.

Integrations don’t just benefit LaneOne customers. Before using the Uber Vouchers API, the LaneOne team needed to manually input transportation vouchers. Using integrations saves them hundreds of hours per month, freeing them up to focus on customer service.

More flexibility means more freedom

Leaving a concert can be hectic. Before integrating with Uber, LaneOne could only offer customers Uber trips that departed from within one mile of the concert venue, which left customers with limited choices.

“We’ve all experienced departing a large concert en masse. In the past, our customers were frustrated with the need to stay right nearby to connect with their transportation,” says Ashish Gupta, product manager, LaneOne.

LaneOne wanted to give customers more flexibility and freedom to end their evening on their terms. “The Uber Vouchers API deployment has enabled us to widen this range,” adds Gupta, “and we’ve gotten really positive feedback on the spontaneity this affords customers.”

The integration also allows LaneOne to highlight the dollar amount they cover for each customer ride, which helps reinforce the value LaneOne provides.

Exceptional service, exceptional events

The process of getting to and from an event plays a big role in a customer’s overall experience. “At LaneOne, our aim is to build truly unique event experiences for our customers, and Uber has been a crucial partner for us,” says Johnson. “It really helps to complete our concert experience offerings.” 

By integrating with Uber Vouchers API, LaneOne has been able to expand their event offerings, save their staff time, and improve its customer service.

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