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Improving Cities With the Uber API in Beijing

January 5, 2016 / Global

We’re excited to announce our Improving Cities with the Uber API hackathon in Beijing, China, which will be held January 16th — 17th, 2016!

This event, organized along with Tsinghua University and Microsoft Ventures, will focus on building the next generation of software and hardware solutions on top of Uber’s on-demand developer platform.

In addition to the Uber API, this hackathon will also feature integration opportunities with Chinese language voice search and face recognition APIs by Mobvoi and Sensetime, making this event a uniquely exciting experience for our developers in China!

The 36-hour hackathon will feature a bunch of unique opportunities and prizes, including:

  • Talks by engineers from Uber HQ and technology leaders in China
  • Hands-on exposure to many powerful APIs: Uber platform, face recognition, voice search, etc
  • Awards and prizes, including over 20,000RMB rider credits in total, 10,000RMB bonus in cash

Please use our registration form to sign-up. We’re excited to see what you’ll build in Beijing!

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