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Engaging virtual event attendees with Vouchers

September 9, 2020 / US

As COVID-19 put a pause on in-person meetups, marketing events have gone virtual. Marketers are now looking for new ways to drive attendance to their sessions and keep engagement high. The good news is that good content works just as well over webcam as it does in person, but how can marketers provide special experiences to their attendees without a physical space?

Well, what else works well in person that you could deliver directly to attendees wherever they are? If you answered “food,” then you’re in luck. Vouchers for Uber Eats can make any event feel special, and you have control over how they can be used. 

Vouchers allow you to set limits on the timing, the location range, and the amount you’re willing to cover—and you only pay for what’s actually ordered. There are many ways for you to use Vouchers to connect with every attendee. Keep reading for some ideas for how to provide a meal voucher for everyone at your next virtual event and still have your budget come out on top over a live event.

Surprise and delight

When it comes to events, your attendees are your main priority. Without the benefit of a live event space, it can be harder to get people to show up and make their experience both memorable and rewarding. Here are some ways you can use Vouchers to cut through the virtual event fatigue and deepen customer relationships:

  • Offer Uber Eats credit for the first X number of people who sign up for the conference
  • Have account managers provide top accounts with a voucher, so they can order dinner for their family
  • Provide Uber Eats credit to attendees to order meals during the conference 
  • Surprise attendees or members of a breakout session with a voucher link to order coffee and a snack, either before the event or as a nice pick-me-up during a long day of sessions
  • Offer Uber Eats credits as a way to encourage participation and engagement during sessions
  • Give your speakers a couple of Uber Eats vouchers to distribute to the people who asked the best questions during their session

Make your VIPs feel VI

Attendees aren’t the only constituency you need to keep happy. Your speakers and VIP attendees are important to making your event shine. Taking an extra step to provide for your speakers on the day of the event can help them focus on the work they’re prepared to do, and VIPs always enjoy that extra bit of service.

  • Use a voucher for Uber Eats to make prep sessions more enjoyable by providing a meal break for speakers
  • Provide VIPs and speakers with a meal voucher to order breakfast before early sessions
  • Offer an Uber Eats voucher in a thank you package to speakers and other VIPs
  • Have the sales and account management teams provide Uber Eats vouchers to top accounts while “taking them out” to dinner or happy hour during the conference
  • Use Uber Eats vouchers to organize lunch for a VIP round table or client-to-prospect meeting
  • Surprise VIPs with an Uber Eats voucher link at the end of the day to order dinner for them and their family

Say thank you to your team

Your team works hard to put on quality events, and they may need an extra reminder that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Using Vouchers to reward the best effort by the sales team or to just say thanks to your event coordinators can go a long way toward boosting morale during an already stressful time.

  • Reward sales outreach with Uber Eats credit as a spiff for whomever drives the most registrations
  • Say thank you to your fellow organizers with a meal after the event
  • Provide a voucher for lunch so organizers don’t have to step out while the event is happening (especially for daylong events)
  • Indulge everyone’s desire for a morning coffee order
  • Coordinate a virtual lunch or happy hour with your team to celebrate a successful event

Summing up

Virtual events might be an adjustment from live events; after all, you do lack the physical presence to provide comfort and delight to your attendees. While you might not be able to serve them a full buffet, you can offer those who attend and those who make the whole event possible an extra bit of support by ordering meals for delivery. 

A voucher for Uber Eats can be used to let anyone order the meal they actually want while supporting local restaurants. You only pay for the amount of the voucher that’s actually used, so you can make sure your budget can go as far as possible. 

Using the Uber for Business dashboard, you can make the rides or Uber Eats vouchers you need at any scale. Make a single voucher for a VIP or upload a CSV and get codes for as many as you need. Vouchers are not only easy to make; they’re also easy to redeem with the tap of their personalized link. Customers will appreciate the extra touch—especially when paired with personalized interaction.

To learn more about Vouchers, tap here to contact our team.