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Free COVID-19 Telehealth Assessment

April 29, 2020 / US

We appreciate the critical work drivers, delivery people, and freight carriers are doing for their communities on Uber’s platform — whether it’s providing essential rides to people who still need to move around, getting food to those staying home, or hauling important supplies to the places and people that need them most.

We also know that getting access to healthcare advice has been a challenge for many people, including those who earn with Uber.  That’s why we’re partnering with Ro — a patient-driven telehealth company — to share their free coronavirus telehealth assessment. We are encouraging all independent workers, including those that don’t earn on the Uber platform, to take advantage of this great service.

Ro’s service enables you to take a free COVID-19 telehealth risk assessment based on your symptoms, travel history, and recent interactions. Following the assessment, if appropriate, you will get a free virtual medical consultation with a healthcare provider. 

“During these difficult times, we want to help everyone get access to high-quality advice and resources for COVID-19. Telehealth can help keep patients and healthcare workers safe and reserve in-person care for those most in need.”  – Ro

We hope this tool brings you some peace of mind, whether you’ve decided to stay home or continue to do the work that keeps your community moving.

Here’s how to use Ro’s services

1. Visit the Ro + Uber info page on your phone or computer.

2. Take Ro’s confidential telehealth assessment regarding your current symptoms, recent travel, and medical history.

3. Depending on your assessment results, Ro will either direct you to additional resources or connect you to a medical provider for a consultation.

Confidential Support

Please note that while ID verification is required, this assessment is entirely confidential. Uber will not receive any personal information about your health or symptoms and will not know whether or not you received help from Ro.

We’re here to support you. Stay informed with the new COVID-19 tab in your app, which we will continue to update with new information and additional support resources, or by checking on the Uber Coronavirus Resource webpage and Driver blog.

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Ro is a third party, and Uber is not responsible for third-party offers, products, and/or services.