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Enabling seamless airport pickups

May 13, 2019 / US

As part of our ongoing effort to enhance the traveler journey, we’re proud to partner with Portland International Airport (PDX) on the launch of a pilot program designed to shorten rider wait times at pickup and further reduce traffic congestion. Starting today, if a rider requests an UberX trip at PDX, they can enjoy a seamless pickup experience.

How it works for riders

  1. Request an UberX trip to receive a 6-digit personal identification number (PIN).
  2. Walk to the Uber pickup zone, and join the line.
  3. Share your unique PIN with the first available driver.
  4. Verify vehicle and driver details before you get into the vehicle.

Where it all began

Our PIN-matching solution was developed in 2016 to streamline pickups at high-volume, high-density event venues. Since then, we’ve implemented it in partnership with operators at more than 60 events worldwide. Over time, we’ve significantly improved the experience for riders and drivers.

Recognizing the potential to extend this innovation to airports, last year we adapted and tested it at BLR (Bangalore, India) with successful results. This led us to where we are today—making PIN matching available to transportation network company (TNC) customers at a US airport for the first time.

The road ahead

We see enormous potential for this solution to make a positive impact at airports, but we also know from previous testing that not every venue is a fit. At some locations, it’s far more efficient to retain existing pickup models due to capacity constraints and curb space availability.

Over the next several months, we’ll look forward to learning more about how PIN matching can enhance the rider and driver experience at PDX.