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SAN, your uberX is arriving now.

July 3, 2015 / San Diego

Arriving at or departing from SAN? Your life just got a little easier. We are excited to announce that starting today, Uber is now authorized to offer even more options for rides to and from San Diego International Airport. Travelers arriving in San Diego and jet-setting from the city will have access to the reliable, affordable and safe ride they’ve come to love and expect from uberX. SAN travelers will have the option to be picked up and dropped off not only with UberBLACK and SUV, but now with uberX, uberXL, ASSIST, ESPAÑOL, and PLUS! Once you’ve deplaned and collected your bags, open the app, drop the pin within the airport terminal, and request your ride. There will be an airport fee for a pickup at SAN, and it will be reflected on your receipt.

For uberX, uberXL, ASSIST, ESPAÑOL, and PLUS, please refer to the instructions below to ensure a seamless pickup.


  1. Take escalator directly across from baggage claim carousel 3.
  2. Walk across the Sky Bridge towards Ground Transportation.
  3. Go down the escalator and head straight. Your driver will be waiting in the parking lot near a blue umbrella stand. There will be a sign that reads ‘APP-ENABLED RIDE SHARE SERVICES’. See below.

airport_sign FOR TERMINAL 2 PICKUPS:

  1. Exit the airport through the doors by baggage claims 4,5,6.
  2. Use the crosswalk to head across the street.
  3. Continue to walk under the overpasses and past  the shuttles, towards short term Terminal 2 parking.
  4. Follow signs towards ‘APP-ENABLED RIDE SHARE SERVICES’. Your driver will be waiting for you in a reserved spot near the blue umbrella between sections G1 and H1.

For UberBLACK and SUV, here’s how to ensure a seamless pickup:

  • Once you’ve deplaned and collected your bags, open the app and drop the pin anywhere within the airport terminal.
  • Call or text your driver to communicate your door number or zone letter.
  • Your driver will arrive curbside at baggage claim.


  • All uberX, uberXL, ASSIST, ESPAÑOL, and PLUS rides from the airport are subject to the Airport pick-up fee.
  • Pickups for all uberX, uberXL, ASSIST, ESPAÑOL, and PLUS rides will be from the designated pickup lots, not curbside.
  • UberBLACK and SUV rides will continue to operate as normal, via curbside pickup.
  • Always confirm your driver’s name and photo, license plate, and make and model of the vehicle when they arrive to ensure you’ve got the right ride.

Uber driver-partners and riders, welcome to the San Diego International Airport. Safe travels, Team Uber San Diego