Driver Announcements

Ratings, rider feedback, and what it means.

May 8, 2019 / US

How rider ratings and feedback work

Whenever a rider rates a trip 4 stars or below, they are required to provide feedback by selecting a reason from a dropdown list.

We understand that some things are out of your control (heavy traffic, payment issues, and pool issues, for example), and that you may receive low ratings for these issues. In those cases, Ratings Protection will kick in and filter out the score from your overall rating.

Once submitted, this feedback will appear in the Rider Feedback section of your ratings tab within the app.

Feedback reasonings

1. Driving

While feedback about driving can be based on a number of factors, highly rated drivers say they focus on safety over speed and always try to take the best route possible.

2. Level of service

While riders may have different expectations when it comes to their Uber experience, highly rated drivers have said that keeping their vehicles clean and their attitudes friendly and polite can go a long way.

3. Navigation

When riders rate based on navigation, it could mean they thought you could have known the area better or taken a faster route. Other drivers have found that taking the time to get to know their area makes navigation easier and helps to increase their rating.

4. Pickup

Riders may give this feedback if they had trouble coordinating their pickup. Highly rated drivers have told us they always go straight to the rider’s pickup location and call the rider if they have trouble finding them.

5. Cleanliness

While your car is bound to get dirty after a lot of time on the road, it can help to check between trips for items riders may have left behind.

6. Car smell

While riders may have different preferences when it comes to the scent of your car, other drivers have found that getting an air freshener can help with their vehicle’s smell.

7. Car quality

Riders may give this feedback if they felt uncomfortable with the physical condition of your vehicle. Highly rated drivers have told us they try to regularly service their vehicles to make sure riders are comfortable.

8. Conversation

Not every rider wants to talk during their ride. Highly rated drivers have told us they usually offer a friendly greeting and keep the conversation respectful and polite.