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Tap a Button. Get a Ride. From Every App.

December 2, 2015 / Global

Uber’s core promise has always been ‘Tap a button, get a ride’. Since the early days that simple interaction has changed people’s lives.

Today we’re excited to announce the first version of a new kind of button — the official Uber Ride Request Button. This button is one that you, as a developer, can quickly grab and add to your own iOS or Android apps with just a few lines of code. By adding the button next to every address or ‘intent to ride’ in your App, your users will be able to tap to instantly get a ride to the hotel, restaurant, movie theater or any other destination you specify. This will help you offer a differentiated feature for your users, provide a magical experience for riders and even earn additional revenue your business.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Adding the button to your app couldn’t be easier.

  1. Register your App on the Uber Developer Dashboard
  2. Install the new Uber iOS or Android Rides SDK
  3. Configure and display the Ride Request Button next to every address or ‘intent to ride’ in your app. Optimize by specifying as much info about the Trip as you can (E.g. Pickup Location, Destination, Product etc).

Done. On tap, existing users will be deep-linked into the Uber app with their ride pre-configured so they can get moving quickly. New users will be directed to download the app from the App store.

Earn money with Uber

If you’re a US based developer be sure to sign up for our Affiliate program and you can earn money for every new US based rider you sign up thanks to your button integration.

Time will tell

Of course, this is just the beginning for our button. It will get smarter, richer and more useful over time. So please send us your feedback and stay tuned to our Blog and Twitter for new releases in the future. We’re listening!

Get started with the new Uber Ride Request Button today.

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