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Progressive helps feed essential workers with Uber Eats

September 29, 2020 / US


  • Earlier this year, Progressive Insurance found themselves looking for a scalable way to help frontline workers in the U.S., particularly first responders, medical professionals, and long-haul truckers who were stretched thin as the pandemic wore on.


  • Progressive used Uber for Business to give vouchers for Uber Eats to nearly 700,000 frontline workers. Through this effort, Progressive used Uber for Business to help provide a moment of relief to those supporting the country during these difficult times. 
  • The Uber for Business platform provided flexibility, visibility and control over the large-scale distribution of the vouchers, saving the Progressive team time and resources.  


  • The campaign resulted in Progressive providing $20 to $50 in vouchers for Uber Eats that were redeemed by tens of thousands of people across the U.S. 
  • Progressive believes it boosted the morale of countless essential workers including hard-working first responders, medical professionals, and long-haul truckers. Additionally, this campaign offered an effective way to engage with customers in a socially-distanced environment.

Progressive Insurance has been helping people through difficult times since starting operations in 1937. As one of the leading insurance providers in the country, Progressive has helped countless customers protect their homes, automobiles, businesses, and personal belongings.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread and people began working from home, first responders, medical professionals, and long-haul truckers performed vital roles that made it possible for the country to continue operating during the crisis. Progressive wanted to help these essential workers and show their appreciation. Uber for Business helped them achieve that goal. 

With access to takeout options and hot meals, Uber for Business and Progressive worked together to reward these frontline workers with a customizable and easily redeemable perk, helping to fill a basic need and hopefully boost morale during an uncertain time. And with access to the Uber for Business dashboard, the Progressive team members had visibility into the campaign’s progress and could rely on Uber for Business to streamline costs. 

“In the midst of such a difficult time, we felt it was more important than ever to thank those on the frontlines,” said Matt Marko, Commercial Lines Product Manager at Progressive. “As part of our Apron Relief Program, which was created to help customers, agents, employees and the community, working with Uber for Business helped us provide thousands of meals to key segments of essential workers across the country, making their lives just a little bit easier.” 

For the initial campaign, Uber and Progressive went from idea to delivery in a span of two weeks. Altogether, with the help of Uber for Business, Progressive was able to reach nearly 700,000 truckers, medical professionals, and first responders. Progressive’s truck driver initiative was included as part of the #ThankaTrucker campaign by Uber Freight, which aimed to spark industry and community support for truck drivers across the country. Many recipients of the voucher appreciated the acknowledgment of their hard work during a trying period.  

Uber for Business is excited to continue exploring ways to delight its customers, and Uber for Business and Progressive were glad they could support those in need during these unprecedented times. 

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