Planning a vacation? Plan on Uber.

September 29, 2016 / US

Vacations can be stressful…which is ironic, since vacations are designed to be a relaxing break from everyday life. Uber can’t eliminate every stressful part of a trip (*ehem* middle airplane seats), but it can make vacations much more enjoyable. And, because nearly 4 out of every 5 vacations in the United States are classified as “for leisure,” shouldn’t yours be as leisurely as possible? Here are just a few reasons Uber is the very best way to get around, whether you’re halfway around the globe or just exploring a new part of your own state.

Eliminate the Wait

Nothing says “VIP” like having a car waiting when you arrive. With Uber, it’s simple to get a car at airports and train stations all across the world. There’s a great chance Uber is operational in the city you’re visiting, but check here for a full list of where you can ride. You’ll not only eliminate the wait times often associated with taxi and car-rental lines, but you can also say goodbye to waiting in line to fill up the tank, enter parking garages, or leave a car with a valet.

More Time To See The Sights

When you’re in a city you don’t live in, why not enjoy every minute of it? By riding with Uber, you maximize your sight-seeing time. Instead of keeping your eyes on the road, you can soak in the sights around you. Plus, people who drive with Uber can offer great tips and advice, ensuring you don’t miss any must-see spots during your trip. Have a question about the monument to your left or the fascinating building to your right? Just ask and there’s a great chance your driver may know!

No Parking? No Problem!

Parking is a hassle…period! Uber riders never have to worry about looking for available spots, paying steep overnight pricing costs at hotels and attractions, or keeping track of valet tickets. By eliminating the costs and worries associated with parking, riders will find more time to spend on what vacations are meant for: relaxing.

Quality Time With Those Who Count

Riding with Uber means you’ll have more time to visit with your friends and family. Instead of devoting your attention to GPS or a map, riding means your can spend more time focused on connecting with your kids or significant other. Vacations are for making memories, so make every moment count!

Be Spontaneous

With Uber, there’s no need to plan weeks, days, or even hours in advance. When you need a ride, simply open the app and request it. You can plan a last-minute trip without worrying about ground transportation. And, the spontaneity can continue once you’re at your destination: no calling the front desk 20 minutes before you leave for the valet to retrieve your car, just request and go!

The Right Car For Every Occasion

When traveling with Uber, you can select the perfect car for every part of your trip. While service options vary by city, uberX is perfect for getting around the city. uberPOOL is a great option when visiting popular tourist destinations. Planning a romantic night out on the town? UberBLACK and UberLUX will get you to your destination in style.

With so many great benefits, Uber really is the best choice for your vacation travel needs. If you don’t already have the free app on your phone, downloading it and signing up is quick, easy, and free! The vacation of your dreams is only a few taps away.