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Uber + Perficient and SAP Concur: simplifying business travel

December 18, 2019 / US

As a leading digital transformation consulting firm, Perficient sends hundreds of employees on the road each week to serve Global 2000 companies and other major enterprise customers throughout North America. Using their IT, creative, and management consulting skills, Perficient team members solve customer problems with the help of marquee partners, which include some of the world’s top software providers. 

The Perficient corporate travel department wanted to find new ways to support their employees on the road, so they turned to Uber for Business for help. 

Putting travelers first

For busy corporate travelers, a smooth, stress-free trip is key to success. To help make employee travel time as easy and productive as possible, Perficient decided to explore ridesharing options. 

“It was a no-brainer. In my mind, Uber is synonymous with ridesharing, and it was our top choice from the get-go,” says Mattie Yallaly, Perficient’s Corporate Travel and Expense Manager. “As far as the cost, it ranks behind other ground transportation options like rental cars.” 

Partnering with Uber not only eliminates the time and hassle of finding transportation in each city, but it also allows employees to get ahead with work during travel time. 

“Our employees appreciate that they can focus on work while taking a ride with Uber, rather than trying to navigate the hectic streets of an unfamiliar city in a rental car,” says Yallaly. “They also save time by skipping the rental car desk and getting to the client’s office as quickly as possible.” 

Increasing efficiency

Uber for Business helps streamline Perficient’s corporate travel planning and tracking processes. In the Uber for Business platform, Perficient’s travel department can set travel policies for employees, then track rides and metrics in a centralized dashboard. 

Plus, arranging rides is easy. Using the Uber app, employees can toggle between their business and personal accounts to request rides in more than 60 countries. The best part: they never have to worry about language or currency barriers.

To make business travel even simpler, Perficient decided to integrate Uber for Business with SAP Concur, their go-to travel booking and expense reports software. The combo allows Perficient to:

  • Automate expense report entries with pre-populated ride receipts and expense code suggestions
  • Match associated trips with corporate card transactions
  • Onboard new employees in  one click
  • Stay up to date on staff’s employment status with SAP Concur’s roster auto-sync

Saving time and stress

By updating their transportation options, Perficient has been able to improve their entire business travel model. Using Uber for Business and SAP Concur in tandem helps employees get from place to place with ease while saving them the time and headache of creating expense reports. 

“Given how much time some of our employees spend on the road, Uber provides significant time savings and much less frustration,” says Yallaly. “This includes both while they are in transit and when they do their expense reports.”

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