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How Pana upgrades corporate guest travel with Uber for Business

January 7, 2020 / US

Pana is an all-in-one corporate travel platform dedicated to providing world-class guest trips. Pana’s clients use the platform to fly their guests to corporate offices for interviews, training, customer visits, internships, and board meetings. 

Most corporate travel systems are designed to support full-time employees only, but Pana is different. Using the app, Pana’s clients can handle all their guests’ travel needs—including booking and payment—in one place. 

When the company needed a way to integrate rides into their guest trips to round out their offerings, they reached out to Uber. 

Impressing guests

Moving top talent around the world requires flexibility. Pana wanted companies to be able to offer their guests transportation options they use in everyday life. As part of that goal, they decided to integrate the Uber Vouchers API with the Pana app to streamline ride automation.  

Not only does the integration offer guests a ride that’s both familiar and comfortable, but it also gives guests more freedom when traveling. 

“The flexibility that Uber Vouchers provides is really important to our clients and their guests,” says Devon Tivona, CEO of Pana. “Not too long ago, one of our clients had an important job candidate miss a plane connection, and Pana and Uber saved the day by getting her to the interview on time.”

By integrating with Uber, guests can request rides when it’s convenient for them. Giving guests more flexibility with their travel accomplishes 2 things: (1) it creates a better travel experience, and (2) it helps ensure that guests leave with a positive impression of the company. 

Simplifying transportation

Pana wanted a transportation solution that saved their clients time, while also giving corporate guests more options. Using the Uber Vouchers API was a natural fit. 

Here’s how the integration works:

  1. Recruiters at a Pana client company submit a request to book travel for an on-site interview candidate or other high-profile guests.
  2. After recruiters book the flight and hotel stay, Pana automatically generates an Uber Voucher for all the rides the guest will need during their travel time frame. Guests can take rides to and from the corporate office, airport, and hotel.
  3. The Uber Vouchers work within a set geolocation that limits the distance of the rides.
  4. Guests can request Uber trips without paying out of pocket.
  5. If a guest’s flight gets delayed or their plans change, Pana automatically updates the Uber Vouchers through the API. 

Pana combines smart tech and attentive customer service to ensure that their clients’ guests have everything they need for a smooth, productive trip. Through the app, guests can ask questions, chat about booking and travel options, and reach out for help if they encounter a flight delay, cancellation, or other travel challenges.

Improving customer satisfaction

Using Uber Vouchers has helped Pana better cater to their clients’ needs. The integration saves Pana’s client companies time and hassle when arranging travel. Plus, companies have a simple way to show guests they value their time and comfort during travel. 

“We are thrilled with the huge time savings our clients are seeing now that we integrated the Uber Vouchers API with the Pana app,” Tivona says. “They tell us that their guests love having the ability to book the rides that work best for them, especially after a long flight.”

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