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On the job with Paige Sammarco, Account Executive for Uber Eats

April 7, 2021 / Global

Meet Paige Sammarco, Account Executive for Uber Eats. Paige joined Uber in 2018 and has since helped add over a thousand new restaurants to the platform across cities in the United States. She founded and has led our Women at Uber Chicago ERG since 2019 and created the idea behind Uber Eats’ Women’s Restaurant Week this past March.

What inspired you to join Uber Eats? 

“I was inspired to join Uber Eats based on three main factors: the culture, the job, and the people. I was about a year out of college and knew I wanted to work for a company that I found interesting and innovative. A recruiter reached out to me online at a time when I was ready for a new opportunity. I had been interviewing at a few different places but couldn’t find anything that excited me. 

When I went into the Chicago office for my final interview with Uber, I had the same feeling that I did when I stepped onto my college’s campus for the first time, it just felt like the right fit. The office was high-paced but also relaxed and you could immediately tell that people were friends and genuinely enjoyed being there. It had all of the charms that you think of with tech companies: a modern layout, big kitchens with snacks and cold brew on tap, bean bag chairs, ping pong tables, etc. 

During the interview, someone came in to speak with me about Uber’s culture, which was not something I had experienced in any previous interview. I was able to get a feel of what Uber’s core principles were and see if they aligned with my preferences. People often think that job interviews are a chance for a company to see if you’re the right fit for them, but it’s equally important that the company is the right fit for you

Ultimately, it came down to my conversation with the hiring manager. She spoke so passionately about the work they were doing on Uber Eats and about what her expectations were for her team. It was very motivating to hear her speak and to get her feedback on the mock pitch that I prepared. I walked out of there knowing this could be a huge step in my career. I remember barely making it out of the lobby elevator before I was on the phone telling my dad how much I hoped I got this job. It was really just an overwhelming feeling that this was the right move for my career and I haven’t looked back since.” 

How has your role evolved over your 2+ years at Uber Eats and what are you focused on today?

“When I first started at Uber Eats, the product was not nearly as evolved as it is today. It’s clear that the restaurant industry is not one size fits all, and so Uber Eats created new ways to better serve our partners and their individual needs. 

Most notably, we’ve added options for pick up orders, online orders, and using your own drivers as well as marketing initiatives to further drive growth. We provide data analytics that most small companies would not have access to and take the burden of courier supply logistics off of restaurants while opening them up to a whole new customer base that they wouldn’t typically have access to. We’ve expanded from food and are now offering delivery of alcohol, flowers, essentials, prescription drugs, and pet supplies. 

Right now, I’m focused on creating the best possible selection for customers by partnering with popular restaurants to bring Uber Eats to the next level in the United States. I want to make sure that when you tap into the Uber Eats app, you’re guaranteed to see all your favorite, local restaurants available for delivery with a click of a button.”

What excites you most about the work you do?

“Uber revolutionized the delivery scene and has grown to so much more than just a Ridesharing app since its inception. It’s a big, public company that has become a household verb, which is a very rare brand name achievement. It’s also one of the most influential companies of our generation and continues to innovate in ways I never thought possible. That creates an exciting environment where globally, there’s always something new and interesting being worked on. 

On a more personal note, as an SMB Account Executive for Uber Eats, I’ve enjoyed helping small businesses connect with larger audiences and seeing how a partnership with Uber can take their own brand to the next level. We are always putting out new features and customizing them to fit the needs of our restaurant partners so that we can maximize the impact our partnership has on them. Looking back to the product/service I started with in August 2018 and seeing how far we’ve come since then makes me so excited to see how much further Uber Eats can move and improve in the years to come. The options are truly limitless as to what we can offer next and it’s that ever evolving characteristic of Uber Eats that excites me most.”   

What has been one of your proudest moments? 

WRW Social_Uber

“At the end of February, I came to my manager with an idea of doing a Women’s Restaurant Week on Uber Eats where we would highlight women-owned restaurants on the app. As the founder and leader of Women at Uber Chicago, an employee resource group aimed at empowering and supporting the advancement of women at Uber, creating opportunities for women has always been important to me. 

Uber Eats was coming off of a very successful Black Restaurant Week and I realized that we could use that same idea to support our women-owned restaurant partners in celebration of Women’s History Month. Uber prides itself on inclusiveness and is always working to find ways to be better allies to different communities, which is one of the things I love most about working for Uber. 

With the help of my amazing teammates, we were able to bring Women’s Restaurant Week to life in a short amount of time. We created an in-app billboard, push notifications, and email communications to send out to Eaters in participating cities and now have a blueprint to continue supporting women-owned restaurants in the future. I’m so grateful to work at a company where you can have an idea and receive the support to bring it to fruition. It goes to show that at Uber, if you can dream it, you can do it.”

What’s it like working in a hyper-growth business?  

“It is as challenging as it is rewarding! It’s filled with unique opportunities and cool experiences. Not many people get to experience a company going public, especially at a company with the brand recognition power of Uber, but I was lucky enough to be a part of it in May 2019 and I’ll remember that for the rest of my career. I may not have been with Uber from the start but every Uber employee felt immense pride and excitement seeing Dara and team at the New York Stock Exchange, ringing the morning bell as the rest of us in offices across the world clinked champagne glasses in celebration. 

That same year we also celebrated a major milestone in Uber Eats when we surpassed $10 billion gross bookings run rate, in just under 3 years of existing! There’s no telling what other milestones Uber will reach in the coming years and that’s what is so exciting about working at a fast-paced company like this. A hyper-growth environment can be unpredictable and demanding but it can also be rich with opportunity and extremely rewarding. Uber is one of the biggest brands in recent history and being able to work for such a dynamic company so early on in my career has taught me an immeasurable amount. 

I’ve learned that career growth comes in all different shapes and sizes and to take advantage of every opportunity you come across; to raise your hands for projects because you never know what you might learn or who you might meet; and to roll with the punches because the only constant in life is change and being able to adapt to that change will serve you well.”

Any tips for someone looking to join Uber? 

“I’ll give the same advice that I give new grads or friends looking to switch jobs—it’s all about networking. Whether that be online as you check to see who in your network might have connections to certain companies you want to learn more about or finding mentors at your current job to learn and grow from. Creating genuine connections with people can bring opportunities that you never knew existed. I’ve been fortunate enough to find quite a few mentors over the years at Uber and while some have moved on to new opportunities, I know that I can always reach out when I need some guidance. A friend once told me that “closed mouths don’t get fed,” meaning that if you don’t ask for what you want, you can’t expect to get it. Maybe you’ll get what you asked for, maybe you won’t, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask. Reach out to the connections in your network, and be authentic to create lasting relationships.”

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