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Our Return to the Office

April 14 / Global

At Uber, we’re committed to building a culture where people are always inspired to do their best work. As we prepare to return to our offices later this year, we have been listening to our employees’ input and preferences, diving into internal and external data around what helps teams be most productive, and having many discussions around which model is best for Uber and our unique culture.  

The future of work isn’t coming; it’s already here. Our employee data shows that two-thirds of employees prefer a “hybrid model,” or a mix of working from the office and from home during a typical work week. They like working from home when they have to focus independently, but they also value the physical office because of the collaboration and teamwork it encourages. The pandemic brought this into relief: while many people reported feeling more productive on certain tasks, many also said they missed the camaraderie and connections of in-person office culture.

It’s not only current employees who are changing how they think about work—it’s our candidates, too. Great candidates increasingly expect flexibility, and as an employer looking to hire the best and brightest talent, we’ll miss out on great people if we don’t adapt. 

That’s why in September 2021 we will shift to a hybrid model, where employees can work from home up to 2 days a week, but with a clear expectation that they also come into the office 3 days a week. We feel that this combination of in-person and remote work will give people the freedom to do their best work while staying connected to their colleagues.

Those who have been following Uber know that this isn’t a big departure from our pre-pandemic culture. Why didn’t we make a more radical shift? It ultimately comes down to the kind of company we want to be. Uber is a great place to work because we are a mission-driven company, operating in a hypercompetitive environment, solving hard problems. Our business also exists in the real world, on the streets of thousands of cities, and it’s important we stay connected to the places we serve. 

That’s also one of the things that makes it so compelling to work at Uber—we get to do really interesting work at a fast pace, be creative, and have an impact. But that makes it all the more important we stay connected to each other and to our customers, and to optimize not just for employee productivity, but also for teamwork and collaboration.

You can expect to hear more from us over the next few months about our move to a hybrid model in our continued journey of building a great place to work for everyone. 

Chief People Officer