Driver Announcements

Information for driving during the convention

August 18, 2020 / North Carolina

We’re here to help you plan ahead for smoother pickups and dropoffs around the city during the convention.

Safety and planning:

Face-cover guidelines: Please note: everyone riding, driving, and delivering on Uber’s platform must wear a face cover or mask. Learn more here.
New ride-capacity limits: To allow for more distance in the car, we’re advising that riders no longer sit in the front seat. This means that every ride with Uber should have one less passenger seat available. For example, rides with UberX should have a maximum of 3 passengers instead of 4, and only in the back seats. Learn more here.
Smoother trips: There will likely be organizers, police officers, and directional signs around special events to help guide you to recommended pickup areas.
Driving tickets: Picking up and dropping off riders in restricted areas may result in a citation from law enforcement. Please remember that it’s a driver’s responsibility to pay for any citations incurred.
Road closures: The downtown area around the Charlotte Convention Center will likely be affected by special-event road closures and security points. Uber will work to update in-app navigation to best reflect this information as it’s received.
Pickups: We anticipate that riders will be requesting from outside of the Convention Center security perimeter near 3rd Street.
Contacting your rider: It’s easy to connect with your rider before pickup by using the in-app chat feature
Identity check: It’s helpful to confirm your rider’s name to ensure that the person getting into your vehicle is the person who requested the ride.

Please note: This post may be updated regularly with new information that Uber receives from event organizers and local law enforcement. Check back throughout the week for the latest details.