Meet Victor: Running through New York City

October 19, 2017 / New York City

On November 5, Uber partner Victor will travel the streets of New York City a different way—on his feet. He’ll be joining over 50,000 runners in a 26.2 mile expedition across the 5 boroughs: the biggest marathon in the world.

As an Uber partner for over 3 years (with over 8,000 trips!), Victor has seen countless destinations across the city and met thousands of people. But he realized that even though he was driving all day, he wasn’t moving around all that much, and he was gaining weight. So in late summer 2016, at his wife’s suggestion and inspiration, he started running.

One year later, a new Victor finds himself healthier, lighter, and a self-proclaimed “running addict.” More impressive than the number of trips he’s done is the number of races he’s run: over 16 races in just a year. “I feel kind of high and am talking twice as fast after a run,” Victor says.  And what better way to celebrate his love for running than with the biggest block party in the city?

Uber NYC: What’s your go-to training route?

Victor: Along the Belt Parkway—I run right under the Verrazano Bridge. So when I’m training, I think about marathon day when I’m going to run over it.

Uber NYC: How do you fuel for your runs? 

Victor: I am trying to eat more fruits and vegetables and drink green juices. Another healthy discovery I recently added to my diet is Kombucha. After my runs, I prefer to dine-out and use Uber as a passenger to get to restaurant destinations.

Uber NYC: What’s on your running playlist? 

Victor: I prefer a mix of electronic and pop. But sometimes I need some type of epic movie soundtrack [for the big hills].

Uber NYC: What’s your favorite post-long run indulgence? 

Victor: Sleep. I will most likely be sleeping after a long run.

Uber NYC: What’s your training inspiration? 

Victor: My wife…she actually got me started on the healthy eating and healthy lifestyle in general. 

Uber NYC: Are there any other races you hope to do after you tackle the marathon?

Victor: Yes, I will run the marathon in Hawaii on December 10. I am beyond excited for this one. But in general, after I tackle the marathon challenge it would be nice to do the bicycle race, duathlon and then maybe even a triathlon.

“I’m most excited for the big feeling of achievement. A marathon is a very hard thing to do, so that’s why I want to accomplish it.” 

We’re proud and excited to support Victor as he runs his first marathon (he’ll even be sporting some Uber swag on race day). We sat down with him to hear a little more about how he’s preparing for the big day.

We’d love to know if any other NYC partners are signed up to run the big marathon on November 5. If you’re planning to run, please tap below and let us know so we can root for you on race day.