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October 25, 2015 / New York City

This week starts the countdown to the biggest and most popular marathon in the world. From elite athletes to first-time racers, over 50,000 runners will test the limits of their minds and bodies as they conquer 26.2 miles across the 5 boroughs.

The buzz in the city around this incredible event has us pretty inspired to lace up our shoes and take a different route through the streets of New York—one that explores this amazing city in a new way—on foot.

Since you can’t cross over the race finish line in an Uber (that’s cheating), we’ve teamed up with the Nike+ Run Club to kickstart your running journey and help you tap into your inner-athlete—literally. With the tap of a button, you’ll be connected with expert Nike+ Run Club Pacers and led through a free, personalized running session tailored to your ability level.

That’s right, your Uber request will be running straight to your doorstep on Saturday, along with some Nike gear to make sure you can suit up for your next run.

Enter code RUNNYC for your on-demand personal running session on Saturday, October, 31

Whether you have 2 or 26.2 miles in your sights, as long as you have a goal, we’ll bring you a guide. After all, everyone’s a runner. So don’t second guess yourself—just do it. And if your legs are tired afterwards, well, then you can just Uber it.


  1. OPEN you Uber app
  2. TAP the profile icon and select ‘Promotions’
  3. ENTER code RUNNYC to unlock the special pacer view
  4. REQUEST your Nike+ Run Club Pacer between 8am—1pm on Saturday within this area, on Oct 31 for your personal running session


  • Request your Nike+ Run Club Pacer like you would an Uber—only this time, look for 2 pacers on foot to greet you instead of a car
  • If available, 2 Nike+ Run Club Pacers will arrive to your location for a personalized running session
  • You can expect to do some running-specific dynamic stretching to get you warmed up and a 2-3 mile run that will end at your starting location
  • Sessions are FREE and topped off with some Nike gear to keep you warm for cold weather training
  • Whether you’re going on a pre-race shakeout run, or lacing up your shoes for the first time since high school, Nike+ Run Club Pacers will tailor your session to your ability level—you set the expectations, they’ll set the pace
  • Want to bring a friend? Sessions can include up to 2 runners per request, so grab your workout bud and gear up.
  • Nike+ Run Club Pacers can be requested from 8am-1pm between 72nd St and 14th St in Manhattan



Meet Sam, Nike+ Run Club Pacer, #RunNYC guide, and New Yorker on the run. 

Hometown: Washington Heights, NY
Spirit Animal: Dragonfly
The best part of NRC? Good vibes all the way!
Advice for Runners: Stay hydrated, take it one mile at a time, and just be awesome.
Running Mantra: You are not going to die.
Best Place in NYC to get pre or post-run carbs: 2 Bros Pizza on St. Marks or any ramen joint nearby will do the job.
Post-Run Go-To: A whole avocado. I eat at least once a day.

Want to learn more about the Nike+ Run Club? Find a session near you and meet your local pacers.

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