Congestion Surcharge coming to Manhattan

December 19, 2018 / New York City

In March of 2018, New York State passed a law that puts a new surcharge on rides in Manhattan below 96th St in taxis and for-hire vehicles (such as Uber, Lyft, Via, and Juno trips). This fee is called the New York State Congestion Surcharge.

Starting in February 2019, for-hire vehicle riders will be charged an extra $2.75 per trip, or $0.75 when it’s a carpool ride, on trips that start, end, or pass through Manhattan below 96th St. Rides that start and end in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens or Staten Island and never enter Manhattan below 96th St will not be subject to the surcharge.

The full amount of the surcharge will be sent to the MTA, as mandated by the new NY State legislation—it will not go to the driver or the for-hire vehicle company.

We want to work in partnership with legislators to reduce street congestion in New York City, but we see a better way of achieving that: through comprehensive congestion pricing. So, we will continue to advocate for the adoption of a comprehensive congestion pricing plan that also applies to personal vehicles and delivery trucks, not just for-hire vehicles and taxis; experts agree it is the best way to meaningfully reduce traffic in Manhattan’s central business district and adequately fund mass transit.

Other taxes and fees

In addition to the new NY Congestion Surcharge that you’ll see on Manhattan trips below 96th St, you’ll continue to notice other government-imposed taxes and fees listed on your receipt. Read below to learn all about what the taxes and fees on your receipt mean, and where that money goes.

NY Congestion Surcharge
For New York trips starting in, ending in, or passing through Manhattan (below 96th Street), a congestion surcharge is applied in the amount of $2.75 per trip or $0.75 per carpool ride. The will appear on your receipt as NY Congestion Surcharge.

Black Car Fund
The Black Car Fund surcharge applies at a rate of 2.5% on all rider fares including other surcharges, tolls, and tips. The NY Congestion Surcharge is not subject to the BCF surcharge. This will appear on your receipt as NY State Black Car Fund.

Sales Tax
For certain trips within New York State, sales tax applies on all rider fares including surcharges and tolls. The NY Congestion Surcharge and tips are not subject to sales tax. This will appear on your receipt as Sales Tax.

For certain trips originating outside of New York City, a NY TNC fee applies at a rate of 4% on all rider fares. The NY Congestion Surcharge, tolls, and tips are not subject to the TNC fee. This will appear on your receipt as TNC Assessment Fee.

“Out of Town” Surcharge
Any UberX, UberXL, WAV or POOL trip that begins in NYC and has a dropoff outside of the 5 boroughs will now include an extra surcharge. The surcharge amount will vary depending on how far outside NYC a trip ends.