Driver Announcements

Introducing a new app for partners

October 13, 2015 / US
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Driving with Uber means more than just being on the road. From choosing when and where to drive, to tracking progress toward goals—our driver-partners make choices at every turn. That’s why we’re excited to announce the next generation of the Uber Partner app, designed to give drivers more information so Uber works better for them.

Through feedback sessions, research and testing, we collaborated with drivers to understand how our team of engineers, designers, and data scientists could build features that would best meet their needs. The result is an app that puts personalized insights at drivers’ fingertips.


The Uber Partner app now has 4 sections with features that can be used on the go or at home.


Personalized feed
When drivers open the Uber Partner app they instantly get a pulse of their city and real-time updates on their activity. The feed includes notes from local Uber city teams, upcoming events, extra earning opportunities, and tips for how to deliver their next 5-star experience. Drivers no longer have to dig through their inbox to find out what’s happening—everything is right there when a driver opens the app.

Heat map
In the old driver app, the heat map only appeared to drivers when they were driving and it only lit up at times when surge pricing was in effect. We redesigned the heat map to provide drivers with recommended areas for where they’re most likely to get their next ride even when it’s not surging. That means less time waiting for a trip and less gas wasted.


Earnings are an important aspect of driving, so we’ve created a section complete with interactive charts to make it easier for partners to see their earnings at any time. Fares are broken down with a specific focus on the take-home amount so that each week’s payout is never a surprise – and for drivers working towards a goal, they can track their progress in real time.


In the new Ratings section, partners can see more than just their average rating–they can now see what riders appreciate most in comments from 5-star trips as well as reasons why riders gave low ratings. Pro tips provide drivers with suggestions for how they can continue to make getting around the city with Uber an enjoyable experience for their passengers.


While updating account information is an infrequent task, drivers can now manage their profile from within the app. Help articles are just as easy to access as before, and reaching out to an Uber support representative is a few taps away.

Thousands of partners in select cities have already taken the updated Uber Partner app for a spin. These updates will become available to every Uber driver-partner globally over the next few weeks.

As Uber grows, we will continue collaborating with our partners and developing new features for wherever the road may take them.

To learn more about the Uber Partner app’s features, visit the app website.