New Mobility Supply Chain – Meet the Team

December 6, 2019 / Global

Jen Rezeppa, Manager Supply Chain Service, Inventory.

New Mobility is rapidly expanding the transportation services provided on the Uber platform, including electric bikes, scooters, transit, and more. New Mobility’s Jump e-bikes and scooters operate on four continents and in 36 cities, offering riders the ability to get from point A to point B more efficiently. Prashant Chouta, Global Head of Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain for New Mobility Global Product Operations, leads a team of Global Supply Managers, Material Program Managers, Demand Managers, Buyers, Manufacturing Engineers, Technical Program Managers, Quality professionals and more, all who are working together to transform the future of transportation. 

What attracted you to join the team?

“Before joining Uber, I researched the company, the history, the leadership team.”

“I love that Uber has taken a step back and learned from the last few years. They have created diverse teams and listen to feedback because diverse opinions and backgrounds create better stronger teams.”

“Dara is an incredible leader. He’s thoughtful, kind, and authentic and has achieved amazing results throughout his career. I was impressed by the interview panel too; they had the same qualities as Dara.”

Describe your team to someone outside of Uber?

“Have you seen or gone for a spin on the bright red JUMP bikes and scooters? Yes?! Awesome! I manage the spares supply chain team that helps keep those vehicles up and running. We plan, buy, bring in, and distribute kickstands, pedals, and more to help fix and get them back on the road.”

What excites you about the organization you support?

“The team comes from diverse backgrounds and skillsets and I love how we’ve worked together to take on new challenges.” 

“I am a mathematician with teaching and reliability engineering experience and love using those skills in my job today. Teaching is a great skill to have in leadership and reliability engineering is always nice to know in service.”

What are the most interesting challenges you need to solve in your role?

“I’ve worked in service for a while; it’s where you see customers interact with your products. Service is where you solve challenges like what do we do with bikes in the wintertime and how can we make this bike even more tricked out for our customers and address their needs at the same time?”

What have been your biggest achievements so far in this team?

“You can’t be successful as a team if it’s not clear what you are trying to achieve. My first task was to define the Service Supply Chain Management team charter, priorities, and clarify roles and responsibilities. A few quarters ago, the team’s focus was on growth and blending the Social Bicycles and Uber teams. Now that we’re more established, it’s time to introduce process and strategy. We’ve received great feedback so far. Our partners are excited to see more process and structure and we feel like we can dig in and own our respective spaces.”

List the top 5 skills for success in your team?

“Communication, collaboration,  willingness to dig in and get your hands dirty! Every leader is also an individual contributor, from creating slides to writing code. I love it because I have the opportunity to design strategy and also write the logic to make it happen.”

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