Introducing UberUP

June 23, 2015 / New England

Today, we’re excited to announce UberUP—Uber’s Urban Partnership focusing on a commitment to provide reliable transportation and economic opportunity for workers in traditionally underserved communities. We’ve joined forces with the NAACP, The WorkPlace, and Workforce Alliance to work toward eliminating economic barriers in communities around Connecticut.

Earlier this year, a joint report published by the NAACP’s Greater New Haven branch, the Workforce Alliance, and Data­Haven found that transportation barrier issues are a major contributor to prolonged, chronic unemployment in New Haven.

“The lack of transportation is the number one obstacle for employment for the low wage worker and any increase in the variety and flexibility of transportation options is good news for the jobseeker. Getting into the Uber business is an excellent entrepreneurial opportunity for individuals looking for both part-time and full-time employment.”

–William P. Villano, President & CEO Workforce Alliance

We’ve increasingly found that people living in underserved communities use Uber to complement public transportation. Since Uber launched in Connecticut one year ago, 25% of all trips have either started or ended within an 1/8th of a mile of a Metro North station.

Together with the NAACP, Uber will embark on a mission to empower individuals from Connecticut’s urban communities with the necessary tools to access jobs more easily in their communities. Over the next year, we are committing to partnering with 1,500 drivers in urban communities across Connecticut.

Through local events, skill-building courses, and information sessions, we will work toward our vision of increasing the opportunity of entrepreneurship to all Connecticut workers.

“The Connecticut NAACP & Uber partnership helps brings jobs and greater economic opportunities to the inner cities of Connecticut. The Connecticut NAACP is committed to thinking out of the box and creating new relationships that deliver economic substance for the communities we serve!”

Scot X Esdaile, President NAACP Connecticut and National Board of Directors

With Uber, Everyone Rides

Uber’s mission to connect people with transportation while empowering entrepreneurs who drive on our platform is wholly non-discriminatory. UberUP will further advance this mission in Connecticut, leveraging Uber’s technology for riders and drivers regardless of their appearance, income, background, ability, or destination.

 “The WorkPlace is excited to work with Uber to provide new job options and economic opportunities for those in our community. Uber provides Connecticut residents with the chance to earn extra income and set their own schedules while learning about being an entrepreneur.”

Joseph Carbone, President & CEO The WorkPlace, Inc. 

The Last Mile

While the populations within many of our nation’s cities have grown, all too often access to public transportation has remained limited. For so many of those living in such cities, bus, train or public transit is often more than a mile away.

In Connecticut, and cities across the country, riders have turned to Uber as their source of transport to work:

  • In Chicago, 45% of Uber trips start or end within a ¼ mile of a CTA rail station
  • In Washington DC, 60% of trips are within a ¼ mile of a metro station
  • In New Jersey, 23% of trips are within an 1/8th of a mile of a rail station
  • 22% of LA trips taken within a ¼ mile of a metro station took place between 7am – 10am and 4pm – 7pm, Monday-Friday

 “Uber is changing the way we move, reaching communities where taxis would not go. It’s providing a service with accountability that riders in Connecticut can truly value and depend on.”

Noe, Uber Connecticut driver-partner since April 2014

How to Participate in UberUP

We will kick off a series of events and workshops with an event in New Haven on June 23. Register here to learn more.