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Give a Loved One an Uber Ride With Lotsa Helping Hands

May 11, 2016 / Global

We all have someone in our lives who could use a little extra help from time to time. Lotsa Helping Hands helps friends and family form “Care Communities” to coordinate everything from thoughtful notes to meal deliveries. A big part of caregiving is providing the people you love with safe and reliable transportation, which is why Lotsa Helping Hands integrated Uber into their iPhone app.

There are two ways to use Uber with Lotsa Helping Hands:

  1. Caregivers can use the “Ride there with Uber” button on the activity pages in the app to easily contact an Uber to take them to the person they’re visiting.
  2. Caregivers can order and pay for an Uber on behalf of someone in need, making life a little easier even when they can’t be there in person.
Request an Uber right from an activity reminder

“Integrating the Uber platform into our apps was straightforward with easy to follow directions. Their developer site lists comprehensive APIs, detailed configuration options, and useful case studies that are easy to follow,” said Barry McSweeney, the iOS lead for Lotsa Helping Hands. “I would recommend building in analytics so you can measure the user engagement of your integration.”

Lotsa Helping Hands provides an invaluable service with other 100,000 communities created to care for people in need. We’re proud they chose Uber as part of their solution.

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