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5 Times Your Fraternity & Sorority Will Need Donut Princess By Your Side

October 23, 2017 / Los Angeles

In the land of recruitment, all-nighters and early mornings, study sessions and dining halls, there’s only really one thing to help pull you through: donuts. We’re not talking about any ordinary donuts though. No, we’re talking unique, customizable, luxury donuts! Introducing your Greek life foodie hack: Donut Princess.

From the creator of SoCal’s famed donuttery, DK’s Donuts & Bakery in Santa Monica, Donut Princess is a spankin’ new delivery-only donut concept near Downtown LA. Donut Princess takes on a whole new dessert experience, serving up speciality donuts at a higher, elevated feel. We’re talking marble donuts, vegan boxes, donut walls, and, donut freak out, but even donut bouquets! They’re also open very late, up until 2AM-4AM! Ready for a hole lot of tasty? Here are five times you’ll need Donut Princess during your Greek life.

  • When it’s one of your sister’s birthdays
Donut Princess

Should you say it with flowers? How boring. If you really want to express your feelings to your fellow sister, express it with the global sign for love: donuts! Donut Princess is creating unique bouquets made out of none other than delicious donuts, complete with wrapping and a bow. We think it’s the perfect (and tasty) way to say happy birthday. You can also order custom donut letters that spell out your favorite message. These donuts are literally shaped into letters of the alphabet, garnished with all sorts of toppings like sprinkles, cereal, chocolate chips, coconut… the list goes on and on! Place these orders a day in advance, pick them up from their kitchen location (less than ten minutes away from USC campus), or have them arrange a surprise delivery!

  • When you need a photowall for that party you’re throwing
Donut Princess

I mean seriously, think of the Instagram potential. Next time your house is in charge of throwing a party, skip the photo booth and have your guests pose for pictures in front of a donut wall! This jaw-dropping dessert display is sure to leave a sweet mark on your guests – after all, what’s going to make them happier than a gigantic wall of perfectly glazed donuts? That’s right, nothing. Donut Princess has plenty of delicious, picture-perfect options to choose from. #DonutPrincessParty

  • When your house pulls an all-nighter study sesh
Donut Princess

If there’s one delicious thing to help ease your house through a night of studying, it’s the promise of donuts (we call that a hard-earned calorie). Lucky for you, Donut Princess have a late night special, so you can enjoy their delicious baked goods all night long! For a sweet surprise order the mystery baker’s choice, and you can look forward to 4 tasty baker’s donuts. Although you won’t know the flavor, you can assure they’ll be fresh, gourmet, and sure to cure those royal sweet tooths.

  • When you want to invite that special someone to your next formal
Donut Princess

It’s that time of the semester again: formal season! But you haven’t invited that special someone to join you. For an extra sweet formal invitation, ask your date to join you for donuts! Donut Princess creates custom donut letters, so you can spell out anything you’re craving. Choose your own toppings, or let the Bakers do their magic. Or you can send them a box of Donut Princess’ signature corsage box— they would immediately say yes.

  • When you need dessert for family dinner
Donut Princess

You’re in charge of organizing dessert for family dinner. But there’s so many of you, and so many dietary requirements, and the thought of cooking? Please! Not to fear, Donut Princess has vegan and gluten-free options, so anyone with intolerances will leave full, happy, and on an extreme sugar high. Plus, with boxes ranging in 6 or 12, it means everyone has a chance to celebrate the shared love for this holey baked good. Donut Princess also specializes in catering and special events, with custom colored themed donuts, shapes, and sizes! This includes mini donuts, pantone color matching donuts to match your sorority or fraternity colors, and bulk orders (no order is too small or too large!)

Hungry to get your hands on Donut Princess’s tasty creations? Tap into Donut Princess in the UberEATS app and have their unique creations delivered to your fraternity, sorority, or anywhere in between!