Driver Announcements

Your safety is our priority

September 5, 2018 / US

Introducing new features that put safety at the heart of the Driver app to help give you peace of mind on the road

Access help when you need it
If you’re ever in need of emergency assistance, you can call 911 in one tap. In some US cities, we’ll even automatically share your trip details with the 911 dispatcher.

Insurance information at your fingertips
You can find your personal insurance documents, enroll in Driver Injury Protection, and learn more about how you’re covered driving with Uber, all in-app.

Learn about Driver Injury Protection→

Let loved ones know you're safe
If you’re driving late at night, find yourself in an unfamiliar area, or just want your friends and family to follow along, you can easily share your trip details in one tap.

Helping you stay at a safe speed
You do your best to drive under the speed limit. Just in case, we’ve added optional in-app alerts to help you keep track of your speed and the posted limits.