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4 tips for developing a growth mindset

March 22, 2021 / Global

Uber is a playground for growth and the opportunity to build or learn something new is there if you seize it. Hear from Becky Karsh, Head of People Development, about how Uber empowers employees with tools and experiences to grow as they go and how you can drive growth in your own role.

At Uber, we believe the most growth happens by doing and that there’s no better classroom than real-world experience. With interesting, global opportunities and some of the brightest and most inclusive people working on creative solutions, Uber is a playground for growth and the opportunity to build or learn something new is there if you seize it. 

That’s why we encourage employees to “drive your growth” by learning through opportunities on the job. Formal training can’t often give you the scope to build, apply, and practice new skills in the way that learning by doing does. We believe that you can learn whatever you don’t know in an environment that fosters mentorship and feedback.

Driving your growth is about bringing a growth mindset to everything you do. Being open to or seeking new opportunities within and outside your scope. Taking on things you haven’t done before, even if you feel you’re not quite ready for them. Tapping into your network of peers, colleagues, and leaders. Building on your own experiences by having informal conversations and seeking mentorship or peer coaching to harness the expertise and knowledge of those around you.

Looking to drive your own growth? Here are Uber’s four tips to developing a growth mindset:

Get in the driver’s seat
Explore options, choose where to focus, when to learn, and how to grow your skills.

Learn by doing
Grow through experiences on the job, stretch assignments, gig opportunities, and learning in the flow of work.

Think climbing wall, not ladder
Growth does not always equal promotion. Be open to various opportunities, which can take you further than following a linear path.

Learn from others
You’re not alone. Leverage your team and broader network to guide you on your journey.

I’ve been at Uber for five years and having a growth mindset has played a central role in my journey. When I joined, I started building our first-ever leadership development program, working to craft a narrative around leadership and bring it to life. This was the first time I had ever built something of this scale and impact. The learning curve was steep, but it developed so many of my skills across program management, facilitation, operations, and budget management. There is nothing I love more than supporting the growth of others by helping them identify the skills they want to develop, the people they’re looking to learn from, and the careers they’re looking to grow. I get to do this every day with my team here at Uber!

Today, we’re launching our second annual Drive Your Growth Week at Uber, where we will lean into these four growth principles and host workshops and talks on how to learn by doing, from others, and access formal learning to complement. We’re launching several big initiatives for employees to connect with each other and build their internal networks, as well as inviting external and internal speakers to share their growth stories. We want everyone to feel like Uber is their career accelerator, a chance to grow on the job in a way that they have yet to experience; a mantra that I feel the impact of each and every day.

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