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Georgians shouldn’t have to pay one of the highest ridesharing taxes in the country

December 18, 2019 / Georgia

Every day, Georgians depend on Uber’s affordability — whether it’s a student who needs a ride home late at night, a senior citizen taking a ride to a doctor’s appointment, or a commuter sharing a ride to work.  

However, Georgians are at risk of paying one of the highest taxes in the country on ridesharing — an 8.9% sales tax in Atlanta and an average of 7% around the rest of the state. This will make ridesharing significantly more expensive for consumers and could lead to a decrease in driver earnings due to fewer trips. 

Georgians want legislators to support a reasonable fee structure that keeps rideshare affordable for consumers while generating millions in revenue for the state — and Uber agrees. 

It’s time to pass a solution that makes sense for riders, drivers, and the state. Tap the button below to ask your elected officials to support a reasonable alternative to a sales tax on ridesharing.

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