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Refueling at your fingertips

April 26, 2016 / US

There are few things more nerve wracking than driving on empty without a gas station in sight. Fortunately, it’s a problem that better technology can help solve. That’s why today we’re releasing Fuel Finder, a new feature within the driver app that makes it easy to check prices and navigate to the nearest gas station. This option will be available to all US partners by the end of this week.

Need to fill up? Use Fuel Finder to see the options closest to you. Simply tap on the icons to display the name, price per gallon, and distance to each station. Once selected, the app will automatically provide turn-by-turn navigation to get you there quickly and easily.

We also want to remind partners who drive a lot – more than 100 trips per month – that they can get access to exclusive discounts by using the Partner Fuel Card. Cardholders get up to 15 cents a gallon off at participating gas stations nationwide, including three cents off per gallon at tens of thousands of Exxon and Mobil stations. All discounts are automatically applied and reflected on the Fuel Card statement within the partner dashboard – so saving is hassle-free.

While most partners use the mobile app, many drivers still use the online dashboard for information on earnings and the latest perks. It’s been in need of a serious makeover for awhile, so today we’re debuting a refreshed site. Now it’s easier than ever to find information – from stats on ratings to trip history to detailed receipts for each trip. We hope you take the new dashboard for a spin today.