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Fooji — On-Demand Fan Experiences Delivered

December 7, 2016 / Global

UberRUSH API Case Study Series #4

Smart companies understand that there is a direct link between customer engagement and customer satisfaction. And thanks to social media, it’s never been easier for businesses to directly communicate with their biggest fans.

Fooji, a social advertising company, is supercharging this revolution in B2C communication. The company helps big brands acquire and engage more customers by pairing the power of the hashtag with the convenience of on-demand services to create fun and surprising experiences.

For example, to celebrate Conan O’Brien’s return to New York City, Fooji built a promotion around the hashtag and emoji combo @TeamCoco ? #ConanNYCpizza. Select fans who tweeted the hashtag and emoji to @TeamCoco were treated to a free pizza and bottle of Pepsi Zero Sugar delivery to their location. The campaign transformed a digital interaction into a real life experience, strengthening Conan’s connection with his audience and increasing the buzz around his move.

Handling thousands of deliveries in a short amount of time, however, is no simple feat. That’s why Fooji integrated with the UberRUSH API. With UberRUSH, the Fooji team could leverage Uber’s large network of couriers to meet such high consumer demand. They could also count on the API’s easy setup and quality documentation to help them quickly get things up and running.

“Brands are constantly looking for innovative ways to reach and engage their fans; all with the goal of driving awareness, loyalty, and conversion. As competition for attention via digital advertising continues to increase, brands are finding it difficult and expensive to maintain attention and stand out. Our partnership and integration with UberRUSH has enabled us to execute many of these unique fan experiences on behalf of our clients seamlessly with incredible support from both the platform and team at Uber.” — Gregg Morton, Co-Founder and CEO at Fooji

Here are some of the best Fooji experiences powered by UberRUSH over the last few months.

Conan O’Brien’s Citywide Pizza Party

Did someone say Pepsi?

As previously mentioned, when Conan O’Brien returned to New York City, he asked Fooji to bring free pizzas and Pepsi Zero Sugar to his local fans. In addition to door-to-door service, the UberRUSH API allowed for flexible pickup locations as well. To improve efficiency at such a large scale, the team made at-home deliveries and set up pizza-and-pop pickup spots around town, too. In the end, nearly 2.8k deliveries were completed within a few hours across 5 nights, generating 9.8k tweets and 2.5 million impressions.

Innovative Celebration for World Series Champs

Adida’s Custom KurseBreaker T-shirts

To celebrate the Chicago Cubs’ World Series victory and Kris Bryant’s National League MVP honor, Adidas gave away commemorative t-shirts when users tweeted @adidasBaseball ? #teamadidas. After waiting 108 years for a World Series win, Cubs fans were understandably eager to receive their shirts. Nearly 600 t-shirts were delivered in Chicago within the first few hours, resulting in 9.7k tweets and 885k impressions. Erik Mendoza from Adidas U.S. had this to say about Fooji’s engagement platform powered by UberRUSH:

“We were very proud to utilize an innovative technology to surprise our fans with a relevant product tied to the success of their player and team. UberRUSH gave us the ability to cover the city in a way that was new and convenient for our fans.”

Decadence on Demand

One of the many desserts that were being handed out

For the launch of Freeform’s layered crime drama, Guilt, Fooji delivered desserts to people in Chicago and NYC who tweeted @guilttv + ? + #guiltpromotion ??. Even though the offer was only available for two hours, more than 400 decadent desserts were delivered to viewers who were about to indulge in the cable channel’s new “guilty” pleasure.

Finding a Solution that Works for You

Logistics can make or break a business, which is why a solution that meets all your customers’ demands is so critical. However, dealing with something as complex as logistics can be intimidating, especially if you’re worried about the technical integration. That’s why Uber is constantly working on improving its documentation and design guidelines to help you get started.

“Integrating the UberRUSH API was a breeze thanks to the fully featured sandbox; the initial implementation was completed in under two days. The UberRUSH team was super responsive with any queries, although thanks to the detailed docs there was very little clarification needed. “ — William Coates, CTO at Fooji

Get started

We can’t wait to see how other partners and businesses utilize UberRUSH. Have an interesting idea for how to leverage the UberRUSH API? Check out our docs and get started today!

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