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Leading the charge for a greener San Diego

March 20, 2020 / US

Looking to reduce your fuel costs? Want to be a pioneer in the electric vehicle market? Interested in improving San Diego’s air quality? If so, it might be time for you to go electric! This page is here to help guide you through this decision.

I want to drive an EV

Advantages of driving an EV in San Diego

State and federal Incentives

San Diego is a great place to drive an EV, with up to $10,000 in federal and state rebates, as well as HOV driving and other benefits.

No more gas stations

You will never fill up at a gas station again if you get into an electric vehicle. Whether you’re charging at home while you sleep or at one of the many charging stations around San Diego, you can make significant savings to your weekly spend on fuel.

Minimal maintenance

  • All electric vehicles have significantly fewer moving parts and are, therefore, much less expensive to maintain. Electric vehicles can cost 35% less over time to maintain and service than a regular combustion engine car
  • Don’t worry about battery replacement—California emissions warranty requires at least 10-year coverage for batteries on partial zero-emissions vehicles

Better for the air you breathe

  • EVs produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional vehicles. In fact, they are considered to be one of the most sustainable forms of transportation—an EV can even run on 100% sustainable/renewable resources such as solar or wind energy

Quick, quiet, and fun

  • EVs don’t need to transport physical fuel from the tank to the engine so they are super quiet and can get from 0 to 60 really quickly

What EV driver-partners have to say

“I love driving an EV because it’s great for the environment and the operations cost is really minimal. It’s super comfortable and safe to drive. I also really like the long distance notification that the Uber app gives.”

– Robert

“Driving an EV makes me feel good that I’m being environmentally conscious.”

– Brett

Concerned EVs are out of reach?

Think again. Uber, in partnership with Plug In America, connects car shoppers with resources that make getting into an EV easier and more affordable than ever.

We are proud to be working together with Plug In America to find new and better ways to support our drivers who are driving electric vehicles on the Uber platform. Through the eStar partner network, Plug In America delivers compelling value to existing and potential EV customers by pooling contributions from various public and private stakeholders.

Join the movement

If you drive an EV or are interested in driving an EV on the Uber platform, sign up here. We’ll be sure to keep you informed about deals, incentives, and tips for driving an EV on the Uber platform.

See below for helpful tools to help you understand whether an EV is right for you!

California Leads

We are interested in seeing more EVs in San Diego because we believe that California has an opportunity to take a leadership position on climate action on the world stage. Thanks to Governor Jerry Brown and state leaders, California has adopted the nation’s most aggressive measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We believe Uber has the potential to accelerate progress toward these important clean energy goals. By bringing millions of riders together with EV drivers, we can show the power of shared use and networks to maximize the utilization of the clean vehicles we have on California roads.


Frequently asked questions

Is an electric vehicle right for me?
Check out this easy resource for you to understand if an EV is right for you—how much they cost, what incentives you’re eligible for, and how the cost of owning an EV compares to a typically gas-powered cars.

How is Uber making it easier to drive an EV?
Long trip notifications: We’ll let you know if a rider’s destination is over 45 minutes away so you don’t have to worry about your battery charge on the way there

Driver Destinations: We currently offer 2 Driver Destination trips per day in San Diego. If you are running low on juice, just set your destination to the nearest charger and we’ll make sure you get trips on the way

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the experience for our EV driver-partners. Sign up and stay in the loop for any improvements, perks, and partnerships we’re creating for our EV driver-partners.

Is driving an EV safe?
In addition to EV-specific standards, EVs must also meet the same Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and rigorous safety testing as conventional vehicles in the US.

EVs tend to have lower center of gravity than conventional vehicles, making them more stable and less likely to roll over.