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Inside Uber HQ: the story behind Share Trip

August 15, 2018 / US

We sat down with Ambar, the product manager for the Share Trip feature in the Driver app, to learn more about where the idea came from and why drivers across the globe love it.

First, can you tell us how Share Trip works?

Of course! Share Trip allows you to share your location and trip status with loved ones as you drive. How it works is really simple. From your Driver app, you can select contacts saved on your phone who you want to share with. Then when you’re driving, just tap to share your location and trip status. Your contacts then get to see where you are on a live map, your trip status, and details like your name, phone number, and license plate number. They won’t see your rider’s trip route or any information about your riders.

Ambar, Uber’s product manager for the Share Trip Driver app feature.

Where did the idea come from?

Actually, it came from drivers. The reason we built Share Trip was because drivers told us that they wanted to be able to share their location and trip status with loved ones.

We also found that in some cases, especially in developing countries, drivers were already sharing their location through third-party apps like Find My Friends or WhatsApp. These drivers were doing so to feel more secure when driving at night or in parts of town they felt uncomfortable. Knowing that someone they trusted knew where they were gave them peace of mind and helped them feel less alone.

Why not just let drivers continue using third-party apps instead of building a new feature?

We believe safety should be at the heart of the Uber driving experience. We also want the experience to be as seamless as possible, and switching between apps while you’re driving doesn’t help that. So we decided to build location sharing right in the Uber Driver app, so they could do it with just a simple tap.

We know that some drivers wanted this functionality for safety reasons. Were there other reasons why they wanted it?

Yes—many drivers told us how their spouses, friends, kids, or parents would often call and check in on them while they were driving, sometimes every hour. Since drivers are focused on the road and typically have riders in the car, it’s difficult for them to answer the phone or respond to a text.

Now, you can send family or friends your location and trip status with a tap. That way they know where you are and if you’re in the middle of a trip. If you are on a trip, then they know now’s not a good time to call. Not all drivers like to use the feature this way. Some prefer having more privacy, and that’s fine, too. Using Share Trip is totally optional.

Got it. Thanks for taking the time to chat, Ambar!

My pleasure!

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