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Rates to better value your time

July 6, 2018 / Dallas

We know that consistent and dependable earnings are important to you.

In a step toward creating a more reliable earnings experience, we’re updating our time and distance rates to make earnings more reflective of the time you put in, no matter where a trip takes you.

You can expect that your overall trip earnings will stay the same as a result of the update.

What’s changing?

We’re increasing the per-minute rate and decreasing the per-mile rate for UberX and UberXL. Whether it’s a 2-mile trip or a 20-mile trip, your time will be valued.

UberX updates UberXL updates
Time rate: +60% Time rate: +30%
Distance rate: -10% Distance rate: -8%

You can see your new rates in the Fares tab of your partner portal.

How will this affect my earnings?

You can expect your overall earnings to remain the same. We’re putting more value on time to help create more consistent and dependable earnings, no matter where your next trip takes you.

Take a look at how the update would affect 2 different trips, one that’s a short distance with traffic during rush hour, and another that’s a long distance without traffic:

Short-distance UberX trip example

From Uptown to Bank of America Plaza

Old rates New rates
Distance: 3.5 miles Distance: 3.5 miles
Time: 25 minutes Time: 25 minutes
Total earnings: $5.01 Total earnings: $5.85

Long-distance UberX trip example

from Highland Park to DFW Airport

Old rates New rates
Distance: 20 miles Distance: 20 miles
Time: 30 minutes Time: 30 minutes
Total earnings: $16.65 Total earnings: $16.35
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