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Uber + Public Transit by CityMapper

April 11, 2016 / Global

Like peanut butter and jelly, Uber and public transportation complement each other. But planning your route is rarely an easy task. It often requires juggling multiple bus and subway schedules, making sure you leave the house on time, and walking or trying to hail a cab for the first or last mile of your journey. The process can be time-consuming and expensive. It’s why so many people rely on their personal vehicles to get around.

Citymapper was built for commuters and their daily needs, making it easy for people to get around their city while saving them time and money in the process. Adding Uber to the mix opens up new transit possibilities, giving people previously underserved by public transportation a fast and affordable way to start and end their journeys.

Using Citymapper’s Uber + public transit option to save time in Los Angeles…
…and in New York City

Citymapper’s unique SuperRouter algorithm combines transit routing with car routing for the first time, merging two previously disparate networks. The addition of the Uber API’s ETA and travel time information completes Citymapper’s picture of real-time transportation information in the city.

Building with Uber was quick and easy, giving Citymapper a new and valuable source of transportation data that scales to users around the world. “The Uber Platform is a great fit for multimodal routing, because it gives us estimates for travel time along with waiting time and price,” said Joe Hughes, Head of Mobile Engineering at Citymapper. “Citymapper’s live ETA system combines Uber’s estimates with real-time transit information to tell you exactly how long the entire trip will take.”

We’re excited about the new forms of commuting enabled by Citymapper, making cities better by taking cars off the road in favor of public transit, ridesharing, and walking. Their algorithms are pretty dope too.

This new feature will be live in all Citymapper cities (iOS first). Multimodal trips only show when competitive.

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