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China, Your Uber API Is Arriving Now!

September 25, 2015 / Global

It’s been a big week for Uber in China. On Wednesday we announced uberCOMMUTE in Chengdu, and today we’re excited to announce the general availability of the Uber API in China.

Empowering developers to build moving experiences using the Uber API is a key part of our mission of transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere and for everyone. For the past six months, we’ve been delighted to work with our partner Baidu to give riders across China access to Uber through an integration of Baidu Maps and Uber’s API. Beginning today, we’re making that same functionality available to developers across China so that they too can connect their users to safe, reliable, and affordable rides from within their apps.

Take your users for a spin

To ensure that developers have a great experience, we’ve made specific changes to our API services so that they work smoothly in China, added China-specific documentation to our developer site and built a dedicated Chinese speaking Developer Relations team.

To celebrate our launch, we’re also hosting our first hackathon in China! If you’re interested in joining, please sign-up here so we can provide additional info.

We’re thrilled to have Baidu, Qyer and Raven Tech join us today as our launch partners and can’t wait to see what developers in China will build. These companies represent how a wide range of brands, from large companies to small startups, can benefit from integrating Uber into their apps by seamlessly offering their users a ride when they need one.

A few of our friends

Baidu, which is primarily known for search, is a world-class technology company that offers a variety of services in China. It is the first company in China to successfully integrate the Uber API, which is available in Baidu Maps and the Mobile Baidu search app. Using the Request endpoint, Baidu users can now easily select their destination and request a ride straight from their Baidu app.

Qyer is a Chinese website that was created to assist travel enthusiasts by providing travel tips and a platform where users can exchange travel experiences. Using the Uber API, users will be able to request a ride to a nearby hotel, restaurant, or landmark in 61 countries and 339 cities around the world.

Raventech is a tech startup and an alumni of the Microsoft Venture Accelerator and Y Combinator program. They are focused on artificial intelligence and Flow, the team’s core project, is a human-human operating system that lets you chat with your friends in an immersive chatting interface. Using the Uber API, a user will be able ask “EVA”, a virtual assistant created by the team, to request them a ride.

Get started by checking out our China Documentation page and registering your app in the China Developer Dashboard today.

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