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Car dealerships driving better customer experiences with Uber Central

September 18, 2017 / US

At Uber, we care very deeply about our customers.  We move 10 million people per day, and in doing so, have perfected the art and science of on-demand customer transportation.  Earlier this year, we launched Uber Central as a way to empower businesses to provide that same seamless transportation to their customers.  From boutique hotels, to high end retail to senior centers, endless organizations have adopted the Uber Central platform as a way to offer on-demand rides for the people that matter to their organizations, their customers. We’ve been thrilled to see how Uber Central has allowed one industry in particular to transform their service relationships, and that’s car dealerships.

When you’re getting your car serviced or are in the market for a new car, it often means you don’t have a temporary way to get from point A to point B and often results long wait times for customers.   Customer are waiting for alternative means of transportation, like shuttles or loaner cars.  While shuttles are a well intentioned service that solves an important problem, it usually results in more work for the dealership and a less than ideal experience for the customers. The long wait times, multiple stops and unreliable schedule doesn’t put potential customers in the mindset to do business. And for the dealers, these shuttles are expensive to maintain and run. Loaner cars are another popular option, but the overhead costs are even higher and availability can be limiting for the customer.  

The one thing we’ve really understood from the beginning here at Uber is that on demand delivers customer satisfaction. We’re at Digital Dealer Conference this week talking about how Uber and car dealerships are working together to eliminate long wait times for customers and delivering on-demand ride experience for their business.

Here’s what Uber Central does for car dealerships:

  • Gives any customer an on-demand ride: With tools like Uber Central, dealerships have access to a single dashboard where they can request rides for customers – even if the customer doesn’t have the Uber app or a smartphone! Uber Central means safe and reliable client transportation at the click of the button.
  • Delights your customers with a unique experience: We’ve heard from dealerships that their customers love getting an Uber instead of waiting for a shuttle, and that it’s a nice perk that they remember when it comes to buying a new car.
  • Increases dealership efficiency and lower costs:  With Uber Central, you’re only ordering a ride when you need one, so the dealership only pays for the rides customers take – whether it’s four rides on a slow weekday, or forty rides on a busy weekend. Because of this, many businesses have increased efficiency within their dealership by eliminating shuttless and accommodating more customers per day.

Here’s what some of the dealerships we work with have had to say about Uber Central:

“As the largest volume Honda dealership in the northwest, we’re always looking at new ways to stay competitive. When we replaced one of our service shuttles with Uber Central, we found that it not only saved us half as much as we were spending on the shuttle, but it also provided a much better customer experience. We’re excited to see where our partnership with Uber can go next.”  – Janine Zimmerman, Service Director, Honda Auto Center of Bellevue

After weighing the pros and cons, we decided that we could provide a much better experience on all fronts by using Uber as our primary shuttle service. Guest satisfaction has rose because they no longer have to wait up to thirty minutes for a ride, and we’ve also been able to take up to ten extra walk-ins a day because we were no longer limited by the number of loaner cars that we had available. Uber Central has been a win-win for our dealership.”

  – Alicia Sarabia, Director of Administration, Pacific BMW


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