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How group orders simplify team meals and save you time

May 27, 2022 / US

After 2 years of working apart, the camaraderie and collegiality of in-office working may feel like a thing of the past. But as some companies return to the office or implement hybrid work, one way you can bring everyone together again is with team lunches. 

When you think of organizing team lunches, you might be imagining passing around a phone, huddling around a single computer, or verbally reciting orders to coordinate a group meal delivery. But group orders don’t have to be a hassle. With group orders placed on a business profile in the Uber Eats app or website, one team creator can simply share a link with their team, automatically submit the order at a set deadline, and in most cases, receive orders prepackaged and individually labeled. 

If you’re interested in helping your people stay engaged and motivated with group orders, then here’s how it works. 

How to place a group order in Uber Eats 

What makes a group order different from an individual order? A group order is an Uber Eats order where everyone joins a shared cart using a link. Everyone in the order can see where their meals are with joint tracking, and meals are individually packaged for easy meal distribution.

How to place a group order in the Uber Eats app or 

  1. Select a restaurant, and tap Start group order.
  2. Edit the order name, enter the delivery address, and set a deadline or spending limit if necessary.
  3. Choose if you want to pay for the whole order or select Guests pay for themselves.
  4. Share the link with your team.
  5. After all participants have added their items, click on View Order in the upper right, confirm the order details, then click Next: Checkout.
  6. At the checkout screen under “Payment,” select your business profile and click on Place Order.

Each employee chooses their meal on their individual device, and the group order creator processes the team’s order. Meals will be delivered to the same location at the same time. 

The creator can easily manage group orders hassle-free through features such as: 

  • Order deadline and reminders: Set an order deadline so all participants, including the creator, can receive reminder notifications that their order deadline is coming up.
  • Auto checkout: Once a deadline is set, your order will automatically check out at that time (currently available in select regions). Labeled items make meals easy to distribute.
  • Bill splitting: In the mobile Uber Eats app, the creator can specify whether they want to cover the meal or have participants pay their portion. If the group bill order is split, each participant pays for the items they added to the order, including delivery/service fees, taxes, and tip. Desktop bill splitting is arriving in Q1 2022.
  • Editable group order names: Customize the name of the group order to keep track of your orders.
  • Joint tracking: Participants and the creator can view and track group orders as they’re in progress.

Employees can spend less time coordinating meals and dealing with payment logistics, and administrators can lower costs by eliminating multiple service and delivery fees. 

When to create group orders

A group order is useful when you want each individual to add their meal items to one cart from their own device and food delivered to the same location at the same time.

If you’re a team lead, buy a group order to liven up a team brainstorming session. If you’re an executive assistant, create a group order for executive off-sites. If you’re a workplace or facilities manager, start a group order to thank your maintenance staff. If you’re a marketing manager, organize a group order for event meals.

To have the most optimal group ordering experience with Uber Eats, we recommend the following:

  • Set a spending cap: If you’re choosing to pay for the whole order, set a monetary limit per meal before you send out the link to the group order to make sure you stay within budget. 
  • Order a max of 15 meals: Most restaurants are unable to fulfill 15+ orders on demand, so if you’re ordering for a sizable group, consider scheduling the order instead. 

Overall, team lunches that use group ordering can help create breaks in the workday and facilitate connection among teammates, especially during times when many people are working from home. Small gestures like this can help everyone feel more comfortable and productive together.

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