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Squire helps older adults maintain independence with Uber for Business

October 11 / US

Medical appointments, grocery shopping, restaurant reservations, transportation, and beyond—most of our regular tasks have gone digital, leading to greater speed and efficiency. For many people, carrying out these routines doesn’t require a second thought. But for those who have a difficult time keeping up with the technological shifts, they can cause challenges and isolation.  

That’s where Squire comes in. Founded by tech company alum Yair Cohn and Dan Feldshtein, Squire is on a mission to help people continue comfortable, independent lives. “There are over 50 million older adults in America who own a smartphone and have the digital literacy to operate apps, but they don’t participate in the mobile economy,” says Cohn. “They know how to use email and text messages, they use social networks, but they barely use their phones for other tasks.” With Squire, users can access multiple services—shopping for groceries, booking restaurant reservations, finding activities, and more—from one home screen and receive a simplified experience with always-on customer support.

Independence through transportation

Although Cohn, who is originally from Israel, recently moved home to be closer to his family, he says the idea for Squire was planted while he was living and working abroad: “I remember when my mother visited San Francisco from Israel when I was working in Menlo Park. I went to work and she stayed in the city, and she used to call me and say, ‘OK, I’m in Union Square. Please get me a ride with Uber.’” He recalls being on the phone with her throughout each step of the process to make sure she got where she needed to go. 

As Cohn’s anecdote about his mother demonstrates, one of the major needs for Squire’s audience is transportation. “There is nothing more important for independence than being able to get from A to B,” he says. A self-proclaimed power user of Uber as a consumer and an employee (his former employer had a rides benefit), he felt that the platform would be a natural partner as he and his team built out the Squire app. Cohn asserts that Uber’s strength lies in its holistic brand that offers so much more than just a ride.

An integration for customization

Cohn was attracted to Uber’s Guest Rides API, which has allowed Squire to add customized layers on top of Uber’s existing capabilities. The integration provides Squire users with seamless access to rides, from requesting a pickup to completing the trip all in two clicks. The entire experience is pared down, and the only information a user needs to input is their dropoff location.  

The Guest Rides API integration means Squire customers do not need to have the Uber app on their devices. And since their payment information is already in Squire, they also do not need to link a separate method. The app also aids users with necessary decisions, like choosing the type of ride (such as UberX and Uber Black). 

One of the most important elements Squire is building on top of Uber’s rideshare is a 24/7 connection to Squire’s live support. “Our audience doesn’t just want to call a driver,” says Cohn. “They want someone to call them and to be there at 2 am. And we can add that.”

A collaborative future

As Squire grows and Uber continues to refine its Guest Rides API, there is still learning to do on both sides. Cohn says that beyond the technology, one of the best parts about working with Uber for Business has been the transparency and responsiveness of every team involved. From account managers to product developers, Cohn says he and his team always feels supported. He also appreciates being able to provide feedback and get honest answers, especially as it relates to capabilities still in the works. To Cohn, it truly feels like a co-building relationship.

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