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Meet Annabel, Email Marketing Manager

March 2, 2018 / US

We sat down with 4 Uber employees to learn more about their day-to-day and what inspires them outside the office. This week, we’re sharing Annabel’s story:

Hey, Annabel! Tell us about what you do at Uber.

I work on a weekly newsletter we send to driver-partners with info on new features, tips, and local events going on in their area.

A lot of work goes into this one email to make sure what we send to say, Nashville, is as relevant to driver-partners in Nashville as the emails we send to driver-partners in Los Angeles are relevant to them. We’re reaching more driver-partners now, and I’m excited to keep making it a better resource.

What’s something you’ve accomplished recently that you’re proud of?

I haven’t had any sugar this month! And believe me, I really like ice cream. It was difficult in the beginning, and I had to just take it one day at a time. But now, I can sit in front of a table of donuts and not feel like I need them.

What are you hoping to accomplish this year?

I have a basic understanding of front-end development, but the more I know the more I want to learn.

On the personal side, I’ve recently been getting into baking. I’ve historically been bad about cooking because there’s so much good food in San Francisco, but I just bought a stand mixer. As soon as I reintroduce sugar to my diet, I’m going to make cheesecake and fluffy Japanese pancakes I’ve seen on Instagram.

How do you stay inspired?

I’m really into anime, so there are certain studios and shows whose art style I admire. There’s one I’m watching now called March Comes in Like a Lion, about a Japanese shogi player, that’s really beautiful.

If I didn’t work at Uber, I’d probably run a lifestyle blog based around fashion, food, and travel. I used to run one full-time and that’s how I got into marketing, but now I only post on Instagram.

What’s your mantra?

Just breathe! Whatever is stressing you out will still be there a minute from now, but if you spend a minute breathing (from your stomach, not your chest) you’ll be in a much better place. You’ve got this.


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