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Introducing the updated American Express® Corporate Card Uber Cash benefit

October 26, 2021 / US

Through Uber’s expanded partnership with American Express®, we’re launching a new Uber Cash benefit for Corporate Green, Gold, and Platinum Card Members. A new Uber benefit will replace the current Uber Rewards benefit on eligible Corporate Card products. Once enrolled:

  • Corporate Green Card Members will earn 3% in Uber Cash when they ride with Uber and order with Uber Eats for business when booked through a business profile and charged to their Corporate Green Card
  • Corporate Gold and Corporate Platinum Card Members will earn 5% when they ride with Uber and order with Uber Eats for business when booked through a business profile and charged to their Corporate Gold or Corporate Platinum Card

Please note: the following will no longer be available as a benefit on the above-mentioned cards:

  • Earn 2x the standard rate of Uber Rewards points on rides
  • Earn 3x the standard rate of Uber Rewards on Uber Eats orders
  • For Corporate Gold and Platinum Card Members, priority pickups at most US airports
  • For Corporate Platinum Card Members, the option to request highly rated drivers 

We hope this updated card benefit, in combination with Uber for Business, will continue to give you a way to show your employees that your company values their hard work and lets them redeem their Uber Cash for personal use. 

With Uber for Business, you can create an account for your organization and invite your employees to link their accounts with a business profile. Business profiles keep your employees’ business rides separate from their personal ones and can help streamline expensing by forwarding receipts to your expense provider. An Uber for Business account lets you invite your employees to create a business profile and lets you set preferences for how they can ride for business purposes. 

How the American Express and Uber Cash benefit works

As a travel manager, if you have an Uber for Business account, you can upload a list of your employees or link the account to your employee management system and set up an auto-sync. Then your employees can follow these steps to take advantage of the new Uber Cash benefit:

  1. Download the Uber app. 
  2. Set up a business profile. 
  3. Set their American Express Corporate Card as the method of payment on their business profile. 
  4. Enroll in the Uber Cash benefit.

Once they have completed these steps, they’ll receive an email notification that they’ve successfully enrolled. From there, they have to ride or order while using their business profile and pay using their eligible Corporate Card.

Then, the next time your employees request a ride on their business profile and pay with their American Express Corporate Card, they can view the full amount of Uber Cash earned in their Uber Wallet. 

Card Members enrolled in the Uber Rewards benefit have been auto-enrolled in the Uber Cash benefit.

What Uber Cash can be redeemed for

Uber Cash can be used toward rides with Uber, orders with Uber Eats, and Lime bike and scooter rides booked through the Uber app in the US. Uber Cash cannot be earned or redeemed outside the United States, nor in US cities where Uber or Uber Eats are not available.* 

Summing Up

Using a business profile and an American Express Corporate Card lets your employees take advantage of the new Uber Cash benefit. Once enrolled, eligible Corporate Card Members will receive Uber Cash after requesting rides with Uber and orders with Uber Eats. 

Uber for Business puts you in control of how your team uses Uber. In the dashboard, you’ll be able to set preferences for how your employees ride on their business profile, and you’ll be able to link up with your expense provider for automatic email receipt forwarding. 

Uber for Business helps businesses easily manage their employee expenses with Uber. In the dashboard, admins can manage everything from business travel and meal preferences to automatic e-receipt management for simplified expensing. Ready to get started with Uber for Business? Tap the button below to get in touch.

*See Uber Cash program terms for details.