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Increasing airport operational efficiency with Rematch

June 25, 2019 / US

One of the primary challenges we’re addressing with our airport partners is how to efficiently connect riders with drivers while minimizing roadway congestion. Our Rematch technology helps alleviate this issue by enabling one car to serve 2 trips without traveling to a staging area or leaving airport property.

To date, Rematch has been deployed at more than 200 airports worldwide, over 50 of which are in the US. It now accounts for 75% of the global pickup volume at these airports. With Rematch, we’ve helped reduce the number of cars in terminals, riders’ wait times, and the number of drivers waiting in lots.

How it works

When a driver drops off a rider at the airport, the driver is instantly eligible to receive an on-site pickup request. If they receive a request within the set time (typically 2 to 3 minutes), they skip a visit to the staging lot and directly pick up the new rider. If the driver doesn’t receive a request within the time limit, they’re no longer eligible for Rematch and have the option to join the staging lot queue or exit the airport.

How Rematch benefits airports

Rematch improves airport efficiency and enhances the customer experience in a number of ways.

What Rematch can reduceWhy it matters
The number of vehicles in terminalsRequires fewer vehicles, especially during peak times, and eases congestion on busy roadways
Vehicle miles per passenger and deadheadingHelps manage the environmental impact of airport operations
Rider wait times at the curbImproves the passenger experience and leaves fewer passengers waiting on the curb
The number of vehicles in the staging lotLimits dependence on staging lots and mitigates behavior issues in the lots
Rider cancellationsAlleviates frustration for riders and drivers

Is Rematch right for your airport?

Understandably, some airports may question whether Rematch technology will work for them. While it’s optimal to have pickups and dropoffs at a single location, Rematch has been successful in a number of different operating environments and setups. Your Uber partner manager can share specific examples that are relevant for your airport.

We’re continuously monitoring the operational efficiency of Uber at airports to identify opportunities for improvement. If you’d like to learn more about Rematch or deploy it at your airport, please reach out to your Uber partner manager, who will be happy to assist you.