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24/7 support when you need it

July 25, 2017 / US

When you drive with Uber, you should never feel alone. As part of our 180 Days of Change commitment to you, we’re announcing support that’s faster, friendlier, and available when you are.

The support you’ve asked for


24/7 phone support

Whether you have a quick question or an incident to report, we want to make sure it’s easy to get the help you need. That’s why we’re offering 24/7 phone support directly through the Driver app. Call anytime; and for most calls, you’ll be connected to an agent in under 2 minutes. See how it works.  

Quick fare fixes

Everyone forgets to start a trip once in awhile. We’re introducing self-service support, so you can correct a fare, without contacting Uber. You can easily confirm the pickup and dropoff location on, and soon in the app, to receive an adjusted payout.

Ratings protection

We’re adding ratings protection, so when a rider gives a low rating for something out of your control, such as price or issues with the app, it won’t count toward your overall rating. This way, your rating is a more accurate reflection of your driving and service.

Get paid for returning lost items

On average, a driver returns 11 lost items a year. That’s a lot of time spent on the road and not earning. You’ll now receive $15 from your rider for every item you return. There’s also the chance of being thanked in the app with an extra tip.  

Faster document reviews

We’re speeding up the review process for documents such as registration, driver’s licenses, and insurance cards. In most cases, when you upload documents, we’ll get you an answer within 2 hours. That means earnings aren’t interrupted, and you always know where you stand.  

In-person & on your schedule

No more waiting for in-person help. You can now schedule certain Greenlight Hub appointments ahead of time. Get in, meet with an Uber Expert, and get out on-time. Scheduling is easy with just a few taps in the app.  

In addition to these improvements, we’ve reviewed and revised all 100+ of our policies to ensure they’re driver friendly. You’ll see these changes in action throughout your support experience. We’re committed to putting you first.

See details about these and other updates we’re making to improve your support.