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Uber in 2017

December 22, 2017 / US

2017 has been quite the year. And with 2018 right around the corner, we put together a look back of some of the key moments from the past year.

Take a peek. 

Most likely to…

Every city wants to be known for something, and these US cities stood out for their unique rider (and eater) behavior.

Los Angeles: most likely to share the love

Sunny skies and sunny rides. The riders of LA gave more driver compliments than any other city in the US.

Tampa Bay: most likely to order in

When it comes to Uber Eats orders, the fine folks of Tampa Bay take the cake (or the tacos.)

New York City: most likely to go out on the town

The City That Never Sleeps took more nighttime and weekend rides than any other city in the US.

Miami: most likely to lose something

Miami reported more lost items per ride than any other city… Which means a lot of belongings went MIA in MIA.

Uber around the world

Did you know that Uber is available in over 600 cities around the world? That means that you can travel as far south as Chile and as far north as Alaska and use the same app to get around. Here are some fun facts from around the globe.

Eating our way through 2017

With Uber Eats you tap your phone and your favorite food shows up at your door. What’s not to love? Here’s what people around the country were ordering in 2017.

The unique rides of 2017

While most of the trips taken with Uber are in regular vehicles, we always like to surprise and delight our riders and drivers. Here are a few of the exciting options people had throughout the year.

It’s been our pleasure getting you from point a to point b (in a car or a helicopter) in 2017. Happy New Year!